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bone marrow biopsy results?

Hello my son is 14. He has had sustained bicytopenia affecting his neutrphils and platelets. Plus a white, pitted tongue that had occasional sores on it (since he was five). Because of this he had a bone marrow biopsy. The biopsy showed an unusual picture with reduction in cellularity down to 10% in some areas but normal in others. The aspirate with hypercellular with reduced myeloid and megakeyocytic activity. He has also had a recent ultrasound that showed a 'grainy' liver (he's not overweight) but his bloods have shown that his liver is functioning normally. He also has autism. At present, they do not know what has caused this but have ruled out leukaemia. Any input would be appreciated. thank you

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Does sympathy help? I have CLL and your son's condition does not sound like leukaemia. I'm not a medic or familiar with your experience so I can only send my best wishes and I hope that you get some useful replies. I just saw you had had none. They may be because you are in the CLL section here some how.


thank you Corin, it was very nice to get a reply - much appreciated. I hadn't realised I was in the CLL section- I'm not really very good at IT! Sending you my very best wishes, Jackie


Unfortunately, with regards to being able to assist you, CLL is an adult leukaemia so sadly I don't think anyone here will be able to shed any light on your questions about your son's biopsy findings. I hope that you'll get the support you need and whatever ails your son can be easily remedied. Having autism is challenging enough for both of you without having a difficult bone marrow/blood condition to manage.

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