FDA Approves New Drug For Chemo-Related Nausea and Vomiting

FDA Approves New Drug For Chemo-Related Nausea and Vomiting

Those of us that find the anti-nausea drugs provided with their treatment aren't working effectively can take heart that a new drug rolapitant, has just been approved by the FDA "The approval was based on three phase III clinical trials that showed a significant reduction in episodes of vomiting or the use of rescue anti-emetic drugs in the 25 to 120 hours after chemotherapy administration. Patients treated with rolapitant reported both fewer episodes of nausea that interfered with their day-to-day life and fewer vomiting or retching episodes during multiple chemotherapy cycles."


Hopefully the lower cost and time limited use of such drugs compared to new CLL treatment drugs will mean that gaining approval outside of the USA for this or other new drugs developed to control nausea and vomiting won't be too difficult to achieve...


Photo: There's a lot of truth in the old joke about fencing wire being used for just about anything in a farming community, but I don't think it gets used much to make crystal balls. This water droplet on fencing wire after a heavy fog provided me with a new perspective on the countryside.

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  • Love this photo Neil.

  • This is an amazing photo, Neil. A world in a drop of water - beautiful.

    And good news, potentially.

  • Thanks for these links Neil. Interesting, but enables us to hope for better options ahead!

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