Latest update on CAR-T (CTL019) personalized cellular therapy for CLL

Latest update on CAR-T (CTL019) personalized cellular therapy for CLL

A new study details the completed, 14-patient pilot CTL019 trial, which began in mid 2010. Four CLL patients (29 percent) in the study achieved a complete remission. All the patients in this trial had CLL that had relapsed or continued to progress after receiving multiple conventional FDA approved therapies. (These patients were running out of options!) The link below provides a good but concise summary of the trial results based on information provided by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine:



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7 Replies

  • Great stuff Neil. I wish we knew their prognostic markers and mutations though.


  • Neil - have you seen this update?

    A revolutionary leukaemia treatment could soon be approved. Here' s what it means for patients:

  • I haven't caught up on all recent The Conversation articles, so thanks for bringing this CAR-T update to our attention. (I edited your reply to remove what could be identifying information in the URL).


  • published 2015?

  • FDA approval is recent.

  • The approval was for pediatric and young adult ALL, not CLL.


  • Searched for CART trials. 100 in China. 63 in US. 4 in Canada - one of 4 is not actual CART but maple syrup trial...and i am not kidding.

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