Sugar: However much you might want it, you really don't need it

Sugar: However much you might want it, you really don't need it

Sugar on trial - What you really need to know; New Scientist article (free registration) looks at what's behind the World Health Organisation's likely upcoming recommendation that just 5 per cent of our daily calories should come from free sugars:

While not relevant to CLL or even cancer, the article and in particular the included images, will help you understand the emphasis behind dietary recommendations that we minimise our consumption of processed foods.

Our growing taste for sugar in the US and UK

Stealth sugar - the surprising foods where you'll find


Photo: This New Holland Honey eater and its mate (just visible behind this giant cactus flower) don't seem to have any problems enjoying sugar loaded nectar.

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  • Interesting information AussieNeil..thank you! I'm afraid I'm a bit of a Honey eater and have no problems enjoying sugar as well...a little too much, too often. Love the photo and hope you are well. x

  • I rarely have honey and for me it needs to be pasteurised to reduce the risk of infection. Like you, I too have a sweet tooth, so there's room for improvement. When there are competing brands of processed foods, I generally check the relative percentage of sugars - sometimes the difference can be substantial.

    Nice catch last Sunday - on rod and camera! I'm sure you have plenty of other readers wishing that they could take your recommended medicine :) .


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