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Prognostic and predictive factors, FCR and the question of cure, and more

Hi friends,

In my second part of the interview with Professor Stilgenbauer from ESH on my blog, I think we finally have the clearest explanation of the important difference between predictive and prognostic factors. Dr. Stilgenbauer is also similar to Dr. Furman in his skeptical perspective on the claims of FCR as a possible cure for those of us with CLL. We also discuss the need to look beyond FISH for nasty subclones

Stay strong


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Thanks for this post about your informative latest blog Brian, that shows how predictive and prognostic factors "kind of" work with our incomplete knowledge and how they can overlap. I strongly agree with you that CLL management needs to move in the direction of detecting deletions missed by our currently limited FISH testing to include the smaller but critical subclones.

Thanks also for sharing your personal example of how an individual's destiny is not definitively determined by statistics and cellular biology.







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