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My Daughter's Perspectrive on My CLL

Many people know I have lived with CLL since 1996, fortunately, mostly pretty well. When I was diagnosed my daughter, Ruthie, was only 3. When I started treatment she was almost 7. Now, at 21, she is telling the world about her perspective on growing up with a Dad who is a cancer survivor. I am so proud of her for sharing her perspective:

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You are a lucky man. You and your wife have raised a beautiful and articulate young lady.


Thank you and your lovely daughter for sharing. This was of particular interest to me as my daughter was 2 when I was diagnosed, she is about to turn 9 but we haven't told her any details. I am lucky to not have had treatment so that makes it a bit simpler to shy away from a chat about mum's "bad blood." Wishing you and your family well xxx


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