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My Wife, Esther, Shares Perspective of Cancer Caregiver

I am so proud of my wife of 29 years, Esther, for being a panelist at a recent town meeting for CLL patients in Seattle and being open about her experience as a caregiver to me, a patient with CLL and myelofibrosis. There is another interview coming and one with my 21 year old daughter, Ruthie, too... personal perspectives that may help you and your family.

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Hi Many thanks for this video as it shows cll from the other side of the street. Best wishes


I've always felt that the only thing worse than being the sufferer is being the caregiver (or supportive partner) as I'd prefer to think of the role. The uncertainty must be horrendous and it tests and challenges relationships. My husband's strength and unflappability sustains me because we also have another joint demanding caregiving role.

Esther is obviously a very special lady and I personally salute all the caregivers because they often have to hold everything together with little recognition of their needs.

I'm also acutely aware that there are fellow CLL'ers out there having to go through this alone and that must be incredibly tough indeed. I sincerely hope they can find support elsewhere.


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Well said> I couldn't agree more.


Thank you for sharing this, Andrew and Esther. I look forward to hearing from your daughter Ruthie, too. These personal, family perspectives are very helpful...



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