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Gall bladders, who would have one

Wish I did'nt have mine

Surgeon said " we'll cut it out"

Anaesthetist said "Eh! hang about"

White cells are to high to cut

She'll have to try and protect her gut

What does one do to try and feel better

Get it all written down just like a letter

Time will tell when gall bladder goes

Will let you know when and Oh! no woes

Back to white cells and all that that means

You all know the score we are acting the scenes.

Hope its not to heavy folks

Best Wishes


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Oh, my, I remember when my mother had her's out. Her surgery was in the afternoon, and I went after work to relieve my brother and stay with her in recovery until she was put in a room. I remember taking one look at her and commenting on how yellow she was. Of course she didn't have the complications that you are dealing with, and the next day she didn't remember that My brother and I were even there, but she was very much more comfortable and her color was much improved. I hope,you get things sorted out!


Please excuse the opening being repeated.,I'm so,sick of not seeing what I'm typing because of the green HU bar blocking it! Ah! We can edit it out, but can only see two lines at a time while trying to check the rest of the post.


Thanks so much for the kind words. I think that having CLL opens us all up to all sorts of other illnesses and problems that are rarely talked about.


Oh I feel for you Sue, a rogue gall bladder is they tell me a very painful condition. Best got rid of but thank heavens that the anaesthetist was awake and was cognisant of the danger to you if such an operation went ahead without extra care being taken.

I hope they find a solution to help with the pain and ultimately can remove your gall bladder safely.

Best wishes



I had gangrenous gall bladder due to completely blocked bile duct at Xmas . Came on literally overnight and they delayed removing it for five days until iv antibiotics and morphine brought the risk down. Op v successful with two brill consultants doing laparoscopic surgery. Lymphocyte count was sky high at 89. Now back to 40. Have had cll for 6 years on w and w. Did get seruiously anaemic after op but that was nothing compared to pre op pain. Didn't realise how serious it was until after op. Take care


Thanks Speckly for the kind words. I will take care.



Thanks Bub

The kind words are appreciated.



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