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Less than the prescribed dosage of Ibrutinib ( Imbruvica) ?

One of the prescribed dosages of Imbruvica for one patient with CLL is 140mg, 3 capsules, once per day.

Has anyone with CLL experienced taking less than that amount and if so, What have been the results, if any ?

I'm not aware of any clinical trials using lesser amounts with slowly progressing, watch and wait individules..

I don't feel that the 140/3x per day is a one size, fits all..

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The optimum dose of ibrutinib was determined in early Phase 1 clinical trials. Should you experience adverse side effects then talk to your doctor about adjustments...



I have been reduced to 2 capsules a day 6 weeks ago and so far it is a bit shaky as the blood #'s seem to be going out of kilter at a somewhat fast rate , I am not pleased with this at all and will see my oncologist in 2 weeks , if the blood is worse or remains the same (Which is borderline ) I will request that I go back to 3 capsules a day.

In this case I think one size fits all.

Life is not a dress rehersal and I am not willing to continue at this downward spiral .. fish61

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