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Health Check: can you treat the common cold?


Michael Tam, General Practitioner and Conjoint Senior Lecturer at UNSW Australia, looks at the evidence for whether some common remedies reduce the risk, length or severity of the common cold.

Remedies examined include:



Vitamin C


I half jokingly hold that garlic works because people don't want to be near you; thus lessening your risk of catching their cold.

While Vitamin C has been shown to work if you strenuously exercise while taking it, it can also boost your lymphocyte production, which you don't want!


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We are all different with a chromosomal map that makes us unique.

Thus some of the CLL drugs will work for us, and for some these same drugs can cause severely bad reactions.

Thus why should we expect that Echinacea. Garlic, Vitamin C, and Zinc would work for ALL, against ALL types of cold and flu..?? There are just too many variables of body type and dosage etc.

These ‘cures’ for the common cold and flu can and do help some people, but can never be expected to work for all.

That said, the power of the placebo is not insignificant, and as long as these items do no harm, then try them, and if they appear to work, then that’s OK…


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