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ASH 2013 - Dr Sharman's abstracts

ASH 2013 - Dr Sharman's abstracts

In his latest blog, Dr Sharman lists the ASH2013 presentations that he will be a part of this year. Seven of the nine listed concern SLL/CLL and we've already been privileged to learn of some of the content of these papers through his earlier blogged articles.

Dr Sharman says it "Should be pretty easy to pick out two themes. The B cell receptor signaling pathway involves a sequence of enzymes that start with Syk (fostamatanib, GS-9973), goes to BTK (ibrutinib and CC-292), then on to PI3K (idelalisib). Antibody drug conjugates are another favorite topic of mine. Brentuximab leads the way in several diseases but others are coming on strong."

We are privileged to have a CLL researcher and practising haematologist oncologist that is also prepared to find time to educate us through his blog articles.


Fifty years ago, the spot in this photograph was a mosquito ridden mangrove swamp. Not far from here, settlers disembarked to settle my state after a long journey from the UK and aptly named the location "Port Misery". Thanks to subsequent development, the conditions are now far more salubrious and here you can see some youngsters enjoying some water sports training.

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