Dr Sharman on 11q Deletion CLL

Dr Sharman on 11q Deletion CLL

Dr Sharman has just blogged at length about how recent biologic insights have dramatically reshaped our thinking about 11q deletion CLL while highlighting more that needs to be discovered. He concludes that he expects "that 11q will remain problematic under most circumstances since it is a marker of genomic instability which is NEVER a good thing in cancer." More details at:



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  • Thanks for the heads up Neil. I have his blog in my bookmarks but haven't been there for a while.

    As a 11q deletion patient myself, I'm always on the lookout for fresh info on the subject. I have a similar paper on 11q by Michael Keating but without mention of the new prognostic markers. They both conclude, however, that 'with the 11q the CLL will always come back' (Michael Keating).

    Interesting what he says about 11q and Ibrutinib also. I think my consultant is being overoptimistic in the length of remission she thinks I will get.

    I'll take a copy to my consultation tomorrow.

  • Nice that this was in perfect timing for your consultation tomorrow Mikey! The only way we will know for certain what remission you'll get will be from your actual experience, so take heart in the complexity of the 11q deletion grouping as explained by Dr Sharman and the fact that statistics can only be a guide. There is obviously much to learn about 11q still; I hope your part in making new discoveries brings some personal reward. I'm sure your progress will be monitored with particular interest by the trial team.



  • Yes, they were particularly keen to get me on the Ibrutinib arm once they found out that I was a 11q deletion. There is a 2 year follow up after I stop taking the Ibrutinib, things could have changed by then. As you say, I will be monitored with particular interest by the team.

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