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Short of breath & irratic sweats! Oh the fun :)

Seen my consultant yesterday as past 6 months have had worsening shortness of breath and sweats for no reason, both during the day and at night. My bloods remain stable, increasing, but at a predictable rate. I was sent for immediate chest X-ray but no results as yet. Consultant advised that even if my bloods are stable but the sweats worsen we may need to look at treatment. I am fairly young to have cll, I am 34 and have had my diagnosis for 6 years. Just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences of symptoms or receiving treatment with steady bloods? Wishing you all well :) and thanks in advance for any advice. Debbie xx

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Hi Are you seeing an expert? because at your age you should. I was DX aged 50yrs and I thought that was young as well as being female. I too have had, and still have, sweats although not drenching night sweats. I had drenching night sweats just before treatment (4yrs after DX) but with unstable bloods. I was told by my consultant ( a CLL specialist) that starting treatment is an art form not a science. Good luck


Have you had CT scans done? I agree that it's important to see a specialist, and perhaps, while none of us wants to overdo scans, it might be important in your case to see what's going on inside. My other thought would be to see a cardiologist to rule out any cardiac issues. I have a mitral valve prolapse, which I've has since at least age 12. It doesn't cause a lot of problems, but does act up once in a while and shortness of breath it one of the symptoms for it also. It's hard to tell, without my doctors involved, whether my hemoglobin has dropped or my heart is acting up, as the symptoms are exactly the same. Let us know what you find out.




I too am a young CLL patient, diagnosed at the age of 44. I'm now 47. I've just finished FCR and the main reasons for that was that I was getting very breathless, I couldn't even hoover one room without having to stop! It was also impacting on everyday life. I had a CT scan which showed extensive chest nodes and also had a very enlarged spleen, both of these seemed to be the cause of my problems. Since FCR the breathlessness has completely gone. I still get night/day sweats though - but that seems to be a norm for CLL.

I don't know if you've had a CT scan - but if not it maybe worth asking your consultant to do one?

Take care



Thanks for the replies, I had a ct scan when first diagnosed but nothing recent. Consultant says will review symptoms in 6 months and perhaps get ct scan then. I had a hospital stay at weekend for the breathing and I had a heart trace which was normal. They think I might have asthma so fingers crossed the CLL stays in check :)


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