Researchers preserve cancer-fighting properties in frozen broccoli

Researchers preserve cancer-fighting properties in frozen broccoli

In the frozen vs fresh vegetables debate, we are informed that frozen is just as good, if not better than fresh, as the time from picking to freezing is less than the time from picking to cooking and little goodness is lost in the freezing process. Hence I was very interested to read the article below, given it explains that the common process of blanching (at just 86C) before freezing destroys broccoli's cancer-preventive enzyme and that blanching at a slightly lower temperature avoids this:

Makes you wonder about the effectiveness of all those processed herbal medicines, doesn't it!

Then of course you could grow your own herbs and vegetables if you have the space, time and the knack, not to mention the energy...


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  • Blanching at a lower temperature? I wonder if this will make my beans taste better? Does this killl all bacteria or just stop enzymes in the veg from further degrading the veg while frozen? Broccoli are the hardest I find to grow so never have to blanch any myself. I love eating it though not because of the anti oxidants but because it tastes so good.

    Growing your own with CLL may be an issue due to hazards from microbes and pathogens involved in the process. My greatest concern with my own home grown (after avoiding the hazards of gardening) and bought produce is salad or fruit as this requires adequate cleaning/washing ahead of consumption.

    Is this guaranteed with brought frozen or fresh produce??

  • Good points Nick,

    There have been some serious outbreaks of food poisoning from commercially provided vegetables and even orange juice - and that's in people without compromised immune systems.

    Obviously there's a trade-off between effectively killing pathogens on vegetables and fruits while maintaining nutrition. At least if you grow your own, you hopefully know more about what's been applied to the crop prior to harvesting.

    I can't say I agree with you on the taste of broccoli - or for any of the brassica family for that matter! I will eat them other than brussel sprouts, but they need a cheese sauce to be somewhat palatable in my opinion!


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