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Finished FCR - precautions until blood counts stabilise?

Husband is just finishing 6th FCR treatment and doing very well, no complications so far. Diagnosed Jan, started treatment immediately as had large nodes, spleen, weight loss, fatigue, WBC climbing fast, at 90 000. Nodes and spleen normal so far, counts all good, one more round of treatment. What are the precautions we should take and for how long after FCR? Have heard of delayed neutropenia and was wondering how long we need to be really careful, we sort of live in a protective bubble now except for work.

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You might consider a neutropenic diet for some time after treatment. Be cautious of supplements, particularly probiotics. Any changes you make should be discussed with your treating doctor prior to making them.... however.

Neutropenic diets are as much about unsafe foods and food handling as they are about diet... here is one in chart form...


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