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Obesity May Be Fueling Jump in Sleep Apnea Cases

Obesity May Be Fueling Jump in Sleep Apnea Cases

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea due to obesity AND CLL nodes

Note that CLLers with node involvement of the neck and throat may also be at higher risk for sleep apnea...please talk to your GP....have a sleep study...increase your oxygen levels, reduce your fatigue

This is serious stuff and often overlooked...

'A 2012 study has shown that hypoxia (an inadequate supply of oxygen) that characterizes sleep apnea promotes angiogenesis which increase vascular and tumor growth, which in turn results in a 4.8 times higher incidence of cancer mortality.[58][59][60]'


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Thanks Chris,

Probably not good bedtime reading...

Seriously, the Wikipedia references you noted are rather disturbing, particularly given CLL patients have a higher risk of developing some secondary cancers. Anything that helps us to get a better night's rest and thereby reduce fatigue levels and improve our challenged immune systems is worth giving serious consideration. Do an internet search for sleep and immunity and you'll see the importance of getting a good night's sleep - as if anyone needs any convincing!



I was diagnosed with sleep apnea some 4 years ago after having difficulty staying awake during the day, I used to go and have 20 minutes kip at lunch times at work.

At the time I was working 130 miles from home and driving home on the Fridays I had to pull over and have 20 minutes about an hour into the journey, I knew it was possibly sleep apnea, the final straw was riding home on my motorbike on the M1 and feeling myself nodding off!!! I asked for a referral and was diagnosed,

my sleep study showed I stopped breathing 30 times an hour. You don't notice this you wake up thinking you have had a good nights sleep and having CLL you can be forgiven for thinking your fatigue is down to the CLL. Your sleep partner will notice more than you because of your snoring and the stopping breathing can be very worrying for them as they wait for you to start breathing again, your reflex action does this for you hopefully!

Once diagnosed they give you a machine to blow air into your airway and keep it open and the transformation is instant. My incidences dropped to 5 and hour with the machine :-) The machine also stops me from snoring so all in the house get a better nights sleep without having to listen to me!

A very serious condition and it is DVLA notifiable. The machines are set up to monitor compliance, you have to wear it at least 4 hours a night to be compliant and they accept around 85% compliance. Once you have used it and had the benefit of a good nights sleep and get used to sleeping in a mask, compliance is easy, if I go a night without it, I feel terrible again. There is no need to lose your licence by the way. DVLA say you need to notify them and take the advice of your doctor treating your condition. As long as the hospital team is sensible they will just advise you not to drive when tired. the machine really does have instant results.



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