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Glands in neck sore and large

The string of lymph nodes in my neck on both sides popped out and are very painful to touch on left. Weakness increasing a lot. Fighting a basic light cold. Just officially diagnosed, after bein Monoclonal B Cell for a year. White count only 24,000 with 15,000 lymphocytes. Not due for 6 month check up until August. Should I be worried

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Sorry you never got a response Wizzard. Lymph nodes come and go, particularly if you have a bug. And, yes, they can be painful. Not to worry about this being an acceleration of disease, as you mention fighting a cold. There are a few signs to watch for during wnw and during treatment as your immune system could be quite compromised. If your cold persists and you are running a fever, it’s worth a trip to your primary care provider sooner rather than later. I’m sure others have some advice on when to get worried but generally speaking there are few emergencies with CLL - infection with fever over 101 is one.

Try doing a search on this site for painful nodes, or fever. Also there are some pinned posts that are really helpful with respect to what to do during wnw(watch and wait).

Good luck.

Heather 🇨🇦


If treatment comes consider this:

I did and lymph nodes were reduced to normal in less than a month. 9 months later nearly all blood tests showing normal or nearly so.


No. Its is all part of CLL.I had that problem and it sucked.I got to a point where you have to make a decision.I did Chemo 2010-2011 with 15 rounds,down from the 21 I was going to do and Lymph nodes went down. It was a Blessing.I feel for you and pain to tough.One thing I have to say and that is that you trust your Dr. and have a connection.

Good Luck