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Recently diagnosed with Cll positive CD38


I am 47 and recently diagnosed with CLL. I am still going through testing but yesterday saw I was positive for CD38 with 44%. When I met Dr( before this new info ) he said watch and wait. Would this change now? I have minimally enlarged nodes in mesenteric and neck and have had bronchitis which is about gone. Mostly healthy though. Any information is appreciated. I am just really anxious especially in the mornings.


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When I got dx with CLL at age of 49 I made it my mission to do what I can for myself with my Lifestyle choices in addition to treatment the docs have me on. You are Wait and Watch and now is time to make lifestyle changes for your Mind, Body and Spirit/Soul.

I continue to work on the following for my own journey.

*Mind: forgiveness, and grace, and releasing emotional baggage rather than stuffing emotions, focus on positivity and everything that can go right on this journey of healing

*Body: exercise at least 30 minutes a day 5x times weekly either yoga, Rebounding or walking/jogging, Nutritionally I went Plant Based by way of the book “the Engine 2 Seven 7 day rescue diet”

*Spirit/Soul: Prayers & Meditation, most important Faithfully Believing that He can Heal Me and becoming what I Believe. Finding my Why or Reason to live...Setting goals for my future.

(Pillars of Health)



Plant based Nutrition

Fresh outside air

Clean water



Social media/YouTube I follow:

Chris Beat Cancer

Radical Remission

Dr. Michael Gregor with

Dr. Neal Barnard

Kris Carr

We are all on our own journey so seek out what works for you. Many blessings of love and peace on your journey.