Sophia's battle agianst Biliary atresia

Hi, I came from philippines and I have a daughter with Biliary atresia. She is now 6 months and we have to complete her fund for her liver transplant before he turns 1 this August 18, 2018. Is there anyone her can help me raise funds for her transplant? we did everything to reach our goal but sadly, it is impossible for us because we came from the elite area of Philippines and we have to take 4-5 hours before we reach to the city and seek more help. Its sad but, God is good and we know that he will guide us always..

Thank you!

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  • Hi BAwarrior

    All of CLDF's medical information can be downloaded for free from our website ( as well as support, nutritional information and leaflets ( Please bear in mind that the information provided is written for people who live in the UK and therefore some of the information may not be relevant to you in the Philippines.

    We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide any financial assistance to any families, whether in the UK or overseas. We are also not aware of any other agencies to which we can refer you. We are sorry to give you disappointing news but you have our best wishes and are in our thoughts.

    With best wishes,


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