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DeliverEgypt - 11 week old - 1 week post Kasai

I am so happy one minute, then scared the next minute. Who knew that this time last week my baby would be diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. The hospital admission, test, and then Kasai surgery were all surreal. I can't believe it, didn't want to believe, cant even face it. Saddness, joy, dispair, anger, confussion, greif, denial, but most of all Hope. How could this happen, how could this be. Not my baby. Why my baby? Why? It doesnt matter why, who, what, when, where. It happened. To me, to you, to others. All I can do now is live day by day. I read the stories, and some bring me great Joy, then I continue reading and I have to say some give me Tears. I hurt, because I was so selfish. Living day to day, not having a care in the world. Thinking that I could not be touched by sadness. Looking at other families and saying thats not me. Not understanding the pain, that stregnth that any family with any type of event happens that changes their life and makes them understand what living is. I wasnt alive before. I am now alive. Because of my angel, who has to go through this. And she is strong, but sometimes Im not. Like right now. Then I think about Hope. She is here, we are here, you are here - and now we are forever linked by this. By this feeling of empathy of knowing what its like to have your precious gift fight.

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You touched me, you are so right, as well as you I live day by day, enjoying what I have now and get strength for what is to come, hugs to you, prays and blessings to your child and all this little ones here fighting for living!

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This sound so much like my story my life changed and one day forever but my daughter is very strong we found out a week ago that she was having issues with her liver and that the issue was serious than we thought she has ba it hurts but her father and I are very strong and have faith that everything will be okay she went through surgery today the surgery outcome was good it was very intense now she's in ICU and Recovery and we're just hoping for the best outcome


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