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Career choices with AIH, PSC & Crohns

I'm back seeking help, advice & guidance! Sorry I've not been able to offer any support to anyone as still so lost with my son's diagnosis.

He has always loved science & wanted to go into science/medicine but then changed to commercial pilot.

I cannot get a definitive answer from any flight training colleges as to whether he would be employable..... I suspect it's a no as any oral steroid would ground a pilot.

So back to medicine.... but with an autoimmune condition would this be unwise as he may be susceptible to infection/bugs? Also sheer exhaustion training in medicine with a body/mind that is already tired!

Any advice, tips? We need to submit applications to UCAS soon and are bewildered with it all xx

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Hi Lisa, I have replied to your email - check your spam mail again. also sent you a text. Hopefully, we can meet up soon. Although Olivia, has Aih and bone marrow failure with very low blood counts, she is not letting this illness define her and is adamant to become a Dr. Having yearly flu jabs etc and the obvious scrupulous hand hygiene is a good proactive approach. Hopefully your son won't be on steroids forever, and will be changed to a non steroid immunosuppressive medicine. Have you been referred to Leeds yet? They have a youth key worker who may be able to find the info you require. Take care, Jacqui x