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After NHs health check was told bp was very high 163/96 and offered a 24 hr monitor

So far not on medicine for hbp [160/90/] after 24 hr monitor as dr wanted further blood, urine tests.Some blood numbers not quite right and concerned about kidneys so have to give more fasting blood this week. Assuming result is OK what chance have I of avoiding meds? Have been given 4 weeks grace to get bloos results

. Life style changes are no salt, more exercise but not overweight, don't smoke etc. Spoke of Ace inhibitors to start with. Feel trapped, hate idea of life long medicine but don't want to be foolish.

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Do you have a bp monitor or could you borrow one some doctors loan them and check your own. My bp is sky high if I have mine checked by the doctor or nurse. When I check my own its normal so I check my own and take it in to the doctors. It's called white coat syndrome and its very common. Good luck.


I don't have a bp monitor but perhaps should buy one. The initial high reading was perhaps white coat syndrome but they gave me an ambulatory one at the surgery and the average was 160/90, evidently it spiked at 180/? twice, and dr said the diastolic nos were all much too high as well, so feel pretty fed up. dr.said it was 'Stage 2 high' Am I unrealistic in hoping to get this down to 140/90 on my own?


As someone who is married to a "pill phobic" who struggled with horrendous headaches and tiredness over 15 years ago before being diagnosed with high BP I can understand your reluctance to go onto life long medication. Unlike statins, BP lowering tablets are a life giving regime. My husband did have to go through a gamut of different tablets to get onto one that didn't give him cramps, make him sick or (I can testify to this one) made him snore!! He has never regretted it and lives life to the full. Consider the BP lowering drugs and discuss in detail all the ins and outs with your GP. Write all your questions down before you go so that you get all the answers you need. All the best to you


Thankyou Patch for reply, it's good to know I'm not alone in not wanting to go onto meds for rest of my life. The variety of pills is a mine field it would seem. I feel totally gutted at the diagnosis, can still barely believe it. I have hardly ever even been to the doctors over the past 50 years!! I have 3 weeks before I see her again and realistically know I can't put it off any longer. I'll just have to bite the bullet and get on with it and hope for not many side effects.


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