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Genetic Testing for FH

This article might be of interest to those of us with levels of LDL high enough to be FH but with a negative on genetic testing (if you've been lucky enough to fight for it in England that is!)

It tells us that we may have " Polygenic FH" where a number of small genes raise the LDL in partnership. I'm tempted to say isn't polygenic a bit like saying we don't know so we'll call it polygenic.

The comment from the anonymous expert is interesting though. He/she thinks genetic testing is irrelevant anyway. Isn't the main point people with FH have it from birth and are therefore more at risk and then have to make the very difficult decision of putting their children on statins. Nobody would do this if they didn't consider it in their child's best interest.

There is more about this on the FH Facebook Group.

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