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Here we go again: getting rereferred

So when I last wrote in July ( ) I was trying to get referred to a lipid clinic. Since then, I've given up on that GP practice, moved and reregistered. My notes should have caught me up by now, so I've just made an appointment to try to get referred to a clinic in the nearest city (45 minutes away by train, but neither the nearest hospital (large town - no lipid clinic) or the city hospital 2 hours away by bus that GPs around here usually refer to).

Of course, the receptionist initially denied that they had any appointments with my GP and I'd have to see another doctor late this week (why do they do this? Do they think we ask to see our GP when any doc would do?), but then I mentioned the magic words "long-term illness" and that my GP had asked me to make the appointment and I was given an early morning appointment next week. Wish me luck!

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Best of luck with that one!!! Keep us posted.


Good Luck, hope you get a good result with them!


Good luck! I wish you well.


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