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HI everbody.Been reading all the blogs with great interest.There has been a lot of debate over cholesterol and im convinced its side affecta to different pills is individual to each person.What suits one does not always suit others.I had a mild heart attack last July and may i say the symptoms were not typical. no chest pain or arm pain.J shortness of breath on exertion and pain round right ribcage area. A trip to doctors, an ecg and straight to hospital. five days later ,home with two stents. very lucky. was put on simvastatin , then atorvastatins. and am now on a six month break as side affects were really bad. will let you know i results in future. .hope to enter debates in future

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  • Hi pampig1,

    Welcome to the forum. Interesting to hear about your symptoms, was your cholesterol level high before you had the heart attack? Some bloggers on here get on fine with statins and others (myself included) have stopped taking them due to side effects.

  • Hi Aliwally.thanks for your welcome.I had a level of 4.6 before i went on statins and it only went down to 4.2 after a year on statins.I

    do however have high blood pressure and am overweight which i hope to remedy when the weather picks up.the worst side affect was the constant sicky feeling and itching.

  • Thanks traci. me to. A happy and more importantly a healthy new year to everone

  • Hello pampig, welcome! Have a good New Year and speak with you soon. A VERY healthy 2013 to you.

  • Thankyou. you to bye for now. keep well

  • Hi pampig 1, sorry to hear about your heart attack, I had a mini stroke 12 months ago, but am fine now, as like you none ofthe usual signs,had an op to unblock carotic vain. I have always had high cholesterol so has my sister, we have had most of the statins, I seem to be ok on one for a while, then have to change due to side affects. Without statins my number is 12 with statins and diet it's 5.3 lowest it's ever been. Hope you find one to suit you, there are alot out there.

  • HIi Morrag. sorry to hear you were poorly but great your on the you im a lot better. I do get a bit breathless still but getting a couple of stone off will remedy cholesterol has never been really high so im hoping if i lose weight and cut down on butter and cheese which i love i can avoid going back on statins.

  • hi pampig glad to hear you ok now join the club we are all in the same boat have a healthy new year to all bloggers

  • Good day and welcome, pampig1. I guess we all have anxieties about our conditions and it's good to know that we're not alone. Reading of your heart attack from those seemingly innocuous symptoms is food for thought indeed. I wish you the fullest of recoveries. Your GP must be on the ball!

    So far I'm fortunate in that no side effects from Simvastatin have shown themselves (only 3 months) and my last blood test brought no request to see my GP, although I'd like to see the results. However, long term medication does worry me. But with my father's side of the family having had a bad history of coronary conditions and no males living beyond 72 (I'm 64) I feel quite torn. I do an active outdoor job, have never smoked, drink only on odd occasions but have teenage children so have slipped into bad eating habits (can't resist the smell of their occasional fatty foods!) so I know what I must work on in 2013. GP said side-effects of a stroke are far worse than those of statins. Cholesterol 6.8 in previous test 4 months back. Sometimes the cynic in me feels like I'm being pressurised. Anyone feel likewise?

  • Hi whitelocke.The trouble with statins as with other medicines is decisions.shall i shant i . docs dont have the time and sometimes have not the facts on certain statins and there affects on the body .its like foods .some people can tolerate certain foods that others cant. its a balancing act. trying to lower cholesterol whist battling side taking a chance in coming off statins for six months but may well be in for a shock when i next have blood tests but the fact that i only had .4 difference after a year on them bodes brother and my sister both have high cholesterol and my sister swears that porridge has lowered her cholesterol from 7 to 4.1. I have i.b.s so cant tolerate it but well worth a shot. good luck.

  • I too, had IBS for over 20 years and thought that it was due to cereals, or fruit, or veg or anyting else that gave me cronic indigestion. Found out, privately, that is was actually intolerance to dairy!!!!!!!!! Worth a thought!!!!!!!

  • I too did wonder about dairy intolerance but had tests and it appears my intestines do not function properly and go into spasm. what i do know is any fibre., tomatoes, mushrooms and pure orange juice are lethal to me, as is stress .Got to learn to chill out. thanks for your interest though


  • thanks may give it a go. nothing to lose.Happy and Healthy new year.Keep taking the tablets

  • I find that if I leave a helping of porridge oats in a bowl with the milk/water and stir then leave overnight, THEN cook on the stove or microwave it mixes better and doesn't have that "nearly raw" taste. I always eat it the Scottish way with salt, not sugar, (low sodium) and soya cream or plain yogurt. Lovely! I also have oat milk instead of soya as soya does have a UHT taste like the UHT milk (yuk!) Sometimes add slices of fruit, (banana, strawberry when in season, or stewed apple) fills me up till lunch.

    Bon appetit everyone!

  • Sounds nice. i do still have porridge now and again but not if i have to go oat milk available everywhere.I tried soya milk when doing a non dairy trial and didnt like it at all.

  • I am able to buy oat milk in my local Asda and Sainsburys. You will find it with the UHT milks. They also do oat flavoured milk like chocolate and strawberry (and they DO taste yuk!) It does take a little time to get used to but I can cook with it without any problems. Best wishes

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