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Cholesterol Conference

I would like to thank HEART UK especially Linda and Jules for the meeting yesterday. I did not agree with everything that was said (as Linda heard afterwards !) but it was really interesting and informative and covered many different areas.

Lovely to meet up with fellow bloggers, Seahorse, Traci and Dak UK. I hope you all had good journeys back, Oxford Street was particularly manic last night!

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Hi Traci

Nice meeting up again and fellow patients. Some go back as far as me!!!

Yes, I hope to be able to take leave to attend Newcastle.

Take care. Moonraker


Really enjoyed the conference and it was great to meet everyone. Pity I had to rush off at the end without a proper goodbye to everyone but just as well we did as the underground was shut for a little while due to congestion. Good, uneventful flight home though. May well make it to conference in Newcastle - a bit closer to home this time!


I am glad that it went well and people enjoyed the speakers. Will there by a write up for people that couldn't get there. I find London quite hard to get around as most tube stations aren't assessable for wheelchairs. Also the cost of getting to London would be a problems for some people.



I've just posted a bit more detail in a blog post, but I hope there will be an official write-up on HEART UK's website soon!

It was great to meet some of the famous names. I'm not sure I'll get to Newcastle. It seems like a lot of time and money. :-(


Husband and I have just travelled back from Edinburgh so really appreciate the effort people made to come to London. Princes Street knocked spots off Oxford Street for grandeur in my opinion!

I was quite disturbed by some of the comments made by the consultants but found the rest of the content really interesting, particularly the talk about FH.

Trying to think of the best way to give an opinion.


Think I may have been overstimulated by recent trip to Edinburgh. What about a "fringe" element to the Newcastle Conference where differences of opinion could be discussed openly? Could even invite Drs "You know who".


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