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pain on my left arm

l would like some advice from some of you about the muscle pain on my left arm l have been getting them for while with a numb feeling my hand and feet, getting a little chest pain not a bad one just mild, dizzy and feeling sick my blood pressure is 112/60 not high l am not sure of going to the doctor to have check it. I'm on the Pravastatin, Enaplapril, Coracten nifedipine but refuse to take clopidogrel and Asprin. sorry my english is not that good due my hearing impartment.... thanks for your patient.

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left arm pain, numb extremities, chest pain... go to the doctor ASAP. If your doctor is one of the silly ones that won't see you promptly, I'd go to the Walk-In Centre at the North Middlesex Hospital, which is open until 10pm.


I agree with DakCB-UK, go to see your GP or A&E immediately the symptoms you describe are classic. I am not sure why you do not feel able to take aspirin or clopidogrel they could be life saving. I have been on low dose aspirin since Feb 2011 taken post breakfast (you may also need Lansoprazole to protect your stomach lining) and clopidogrel since having a PCI. The latter is an anti-platelet drug in my case prescribed to avoid the body rejecting drug eluting stents. Put your faith in the doctors then can help you and achieve wonderful things now.


Any pain that gives the patient any cause for concern should be investigated, either by GP or A and E. If I had a pain in my arm that seemed to last any length of time or pain in the chest that does not follow a heavy meal then I would immediately get in touch with my Dr. Even if it is indigestion then you will know the truth and not be living in uncertainty.


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