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Heart disease and diabetes - volunteers wanted

Hi all,

I noticed the following request for volunteers on another forum I frequent.

I'm not endorsing them, but if you wish to find out more, it wouldn't hurt in contacting them.

Synexus are looking for trial volunteers to assess a currently licensed medication that may help reduce the risk of heart-related problems in patients with diabetes. This is in addition to existing medication and will not require any changes to your current treatment.

Synexus are a professional research organisation which has many years experience in conducting successful clinical studies at its state of the art Dedicated Research Centres across the world. All studies are conducted by professional and highly trained Doctors and Nurses.

This study may be suitable for you if:

You are aged 50 years or over

You been Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed for longer than 3 months

Have a history of heart related conditions

You will be reimbursed for all reasonable out of pocket expenses if you are accepted onto the study.

If you are interested you can find out more by emailing or by calling one of the following numbers:(quote reference 6187)

Lancashire: 01772 344620

Manchester: 0161 662 5044

Merseyside: 0151 550 9951

Midlands: 0121 226 9002

Scotland: 0141 270 2587

Thames Valley: 0118 378 9923

Wales: 0292 094 9001



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I have always had grave misgivings about becoming a "guinea pig" for drug companies. I know they have to be rigorously tested before use, and no doubt they have saved many lives over the years, but after that horrendous debacle of a few years ago when several students were given death sentences when they became guinea pigs still haunts me. It is something that I wouldn't do myself but if anyone is thinking about it for goodness' sake look carefully into it and ask all the questions you can!!!!!


I often see adverts for medical research volunteers in the London "Evening Standard" and I think it's a worthy thing to do.

Referring to the (many!) statin drug trials, there are comments that women in particular are under represented . Also that volunteers tend to be younger and healthier than the actual patients that are prescribed them.


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