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Exercise for Cholesterol

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Is Jumping Rope 100 times in the morning good exercise to reduce LDL Cholesterol?

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Cholesterol numbers are man made and if you look into history the older guide line numbers are grater thean today.

You are the only one answer this question as you are doing this exercise.!!!

Take your cholesterol reading now and again in three moth to see the difference.

Watch for hidden and free sugar in food and drinks.

Take care.

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I'm a big fan of early exercise before breakfast because you are using stored energy and helps lower your insulin levels, and maintain weight control. I do it about five days/week-- running, tennis, or swimming. It should reduce your triglycerides for sure, and possibly your LDL. I have hypercholestemia and my TG's are around 60 and LDL is high, around 130. I eat very well, but not on any statin. Experimenting with low-dose niacin, red yeast rice, etc to lower LDL.

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