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I had high cholesterol of 5.8 and high blood pressure, was put on atorvastatin, which gave me terrible side effects, had to come off it, was put on 5mg Rosuvastatin, had a little nausea and dizziness first two weeks, then nothing, no side effects at all now, very happy, I know a few people on rosuvastatin, and they switched to it after having problems with other statins!

some statins are hydrophilic and some lipophilic, if your having bad side effects with one type of statin, try the other type, you may find that better for you! I have lost three stone in weight, blood pressure now perfect, cholesterol now 3! I am now vegetarian, eating lots of complex carbohydrates such as chickpeas/soya/lentils/brown rice/whole wheat pasta, feel fit as a flea!

statins on their own are part of the answer but a good diet plus a statin can make all the difference to your health, I also do stretching exercises, and don't let anything get to me, stress wise! I had a health scare just after Christmas which may have been a silent heart attack(had all the symptoms) but doctors couldn't find any sign of my having a heart attack, they said it was most likely pericarditis, or angina, but they only did the most basic checks, I looked at it as a warning!! I have adjusted my lifestyle accordingly and only hope the changes ive made mean I will have a long healthy life, but at 62 years old, you can only do so much, but I have become much more positive about life in general, and whereas I used to get very stressed as I am caring for my elderly parents, I no longer let anything get me down, I think stress is what probably brings about a lot of heart attacks! to anyone reading this I wish you the best of health in this difficult world!

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When you say total cholesterol is 3, what are the lipid numbers? Please note that you need cholesterol for your body to function!!, may be you need to check with your doctor to review dosage.

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judidevon in reply to sandybrown

total cholesterol 3, that's all I know, Dr said hdl levels good, ldl levels low, so I'm more than happy, the way I feel now(ten years younger to how I felt seven months ago) is all I need to know to be very happy with my health at the moment!

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My point of view is that a Total Cholesterol of 5.8 isn't particularly high, and isn't something that I'd be particularly worried about.

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