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What should I ask the consultant? Any new treatment developments?

The appointment is early next week. I've my usual questions about my levels and current treatment, but I was wondering if there's anything that I should be asking that I'm likely to have forgotten after 25 years of these visits. Is there anything general which might be interesting to readers of this forum? Should I ask if he's heard about UCLP?

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This is an interesting link about the variable course of FH.

You have been having check ups for 25 years, is there any evidence that your risk is higher in any age group. Also why do some people with untreated FH have a normal life span (however I think it's only 40%, that means 60% don't).


How does UCLP compare to anti-inflammatory diets such as LCHF or the GAPS diet?


Are you asking me, or is that one to ask him? Low Carb High Fat and Gut And Psychology Syndrome, right?


Is it true that studies of low-fat diets show no improvement in heart attack mortality compared to a 'normal' diet?

Or that the Framingham Study found that the higher the fat and cholesterol level of participants, the lower the risk of chronic disease?


Which studies of low-fat diets?

I suspect both of those are questions for which I'm likely to get a written reply at a later date.


The questions are for your consultant, as per your question.

You have correctly identified the diets the acronyms pertain to.

Any studies that underpin the rationale for using a low-fat diet to lower heart disease will do.

I sincerely hope that your consultation is beneficial to you.


Only a personal opinion, but I don't agree with that polypill, especially when it was suggested that everybody over 50 should be taking one.


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