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Caught out



I am the worst

I eat all the wrong things

I ignore what the wife says

Also I have Phobias Amen

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You sound like you need help. Go see your Doctor.

in reply to mgdoble

Hi thanks for your concern just retiring after over 38 years LGV 1 driving to eat consistently and fresh when I started and cost effectively was not an option 45 mins to get food cost effective doesn’t happen I am trying now that’s. All I can say put me down if you like but people of my age from school very healthy wealthy

A lot fitter than I could ever be have

Passed away I am still here sorry but when either him upstairs or down below calls my number so be it

I try to help people but I don’t listen to the advice I give .

That’s me in a nutshell boring can others but not my self . Once again thanks for your concern

Also when requested I visit my doctor stay safe Stephen

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