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Is lowering your cholesterol necessarily desirable?

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I am not sure you need to worry about your cholesterol. All cause mortality is higher in people with 'low' cholesterol. If you can spare some time watch this before making up your mind. There are plenty of other sources that you can seek out after watching before making a decision.

He is a respected author and nephrologist.

The link again to see if this time it works. Gather it did not work the first time.

Otherwise search youtube for "Dr Jason Fung on Fat Phobia"

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unable to open video?, please re post the video link, thanks.


I agree with what you say bellodee, (unfortunately the video would not play 🙄😀)

My Hubby had high cholesterol of 8, and was ordered to take a Statin, along with other meds for an illness we proved in the end he didn’t have 😱thankfully he never took any of the meds, 🤪😀

He and I both know that our natural cholesterol levels should not be messed around with. Our brains and body need good levels of cholesterol, cholesterol is not an enemy. Yes it seems to be those with low cholesterol oddly can have more medical issues.

High cholesterol can be correlated with low thyroid, (they can have an inverted effect on each other,) my husband did have at the time a T3 blood result of under half way in range.


You’re so right about the thyroid / cholesterol connection. When I was hyperthyroid (Graves disease) my TSH was off the scale low and my cholesterol was low too.

I’ve been in remission for seven years and I can see my TSH creeping up - it’s still within range though so no chance of being given levothyroxine to lower it.

I worked out for myself that there must be a link between TSH and cholesterol levels and said that to my GP who smiled sweetly and nodded in agreement but didn’t offer me any levo to help reduce my cholesterol.

I tried a statin many years ago, long before the side effects were publicised and had to stop because my muscles were so painful I could barely walk and I was mega depressed.

I do feel that if my thyroid was lowered a bit with levothyroxine then my cholesterol would be in a better place but alas - and I know it’s very cynical of me - I think GPs probably get rewarded better for pushing statins. Besides I know the body needs cholesterol.


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