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Stopped statins yesterday.

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Hi I'm new and only just found this group. I stopped taking rosuvastatin 24 hours ago, after being on statins for 30 years. Late in the day but I'm just finding out how harmful they can be. The practice nurse told me that they needn't be tapered but gave no info about side effects or cholersterol level. I've got many long term chronic conditions, auto immune, inflammatory, a family history of heart problems (me last year, long story about iffy conflicting diagnoses butI believe I had a stroke). I'm fed up with pharma drugs and wonder if they're causing more problems than they cure. I'm making lifestyle changes, diet, supplements etc so trying as best I can to live a natural and healthier life. I take 35% cannabidiol oil every day. I'm going to arrange for a coronary artery calcium test, any recommendations or comments greatfully received. And good health for all of us!

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I recently visited a London pharmacy where five different strengths of CBD oil are sold (2.5% to 40%) over the counter. Different people use CBD oil for different purposes. CBD oil doesn't give that 'high' feeling that people allegedly get from smoking marijuana. This legally purchased CBD oil isn't marketed as 'medicinal', but rather as a food supplement. However, it is often reported that good quality CBD oil reduces systemic inflammation and pain.

I attended, this week, a presentation at the Royal College of General Practitioners regarding autoimmune and other conditions Many things - supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc, were listed as being helpful to these conditions... inc. CBD oil. There were dietary recommendations too, which included eliminating all wheat and gluten. The elimination of wheat and gluten should already be common knowledge to those with autoimmune conditions, as should the elimination of sugars and veg oils (e.g. sunflower oil and rapeseed oil) as this is known to help reduce inflammation and pain.

I recently attended the PHCUK conference which was attended by an array of clinicians, inc. heart surgeons. You might find their site helpful.

You should find the 2017 documentary 'The Magic Pill' helpful. (It's on Netflix and other sites). Prof. Tim Noakes (who is featured in this doc) spoke at the recent PHCUK conference.

Take a decent dose of CoQ10 two to three times per day (preferably, in the form of Ubiquinol).

Optimise your Vit D level and take Vit K2 (but consult your clinician if you're taking warfarin).

Take 1 gram Vit C with each meal... etc, etc, etc... i.e. read loads of posts and you'll get the general idea.

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Be careful with your choice of Vit C. I have just discovered that Boots 1 gram Vit C spikes my blood sugar to 132 with my standard breakfast but without its 106 for beans on toast or 95 for eggs on toast. The reason is the Asparteme they put in it. Choose a plain tasting no sugar Vit C

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Londinium in reply to Markl60

Hi Mark,

I'd never dream of buying Vit C (or any other natural supplement) from Boots, Superdrug, etc. 😟

I've been taking Vit C for at least 20 years and have never, and would never, buy a brand that has sugar, sweeteners or other crap on the label.

I'm not sure what you mean by "plain tasting"? Are you taking Vit C ascorbic acid powders? If so, be mindful of the potential effect on teeth.

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Markl60 in reply to Londinium

I wasnt really directing the post at you Londinium it was more a general post. I take Mercola Lipsomal Vit C

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Rob6868 in reply to Markl60

So are you taking boots vit c or Dr mercolas vit? Confused Just buy AA off the net

There is plenty of it on there that is pure AA ascorbic acid without all the crap that boots have in there's as do others

It is always better to rely on natural healing than taking drugs. Generally few cholesterol lowering medications can have serious side effects. It is better to incorporate safer method of controlling cholesterol. Healthy diet combined with light exercise is the key to control cholesterol. One must consume a diet rich in fibers such as whole grain food, salad, fruits, oatmeal etc. as advised Dr. Janet Brill, health, nutrition and fitness expert. You only need dedication to switch to a healthy lifestyle.

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