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Stopped my Statins immediately


was prescribed statins after a suspected heart attack - which turned out to be acute myo pericarditis - the doc told me to keep taking aspirin and statins as my cholestoral was still bit high (but no other symptons such as blocked arteries) - so I followed docs advice only to discover the statins had impacted my liver function - blood tests run due to me feeling fatigued and just ill - showed that my liver was only functioning at 25% (and no issues with liver prior to starting new meds) hosp advised to stop statins immediately and liver function returned to normal within 7 days .... scary as if I hadnt contacted doc due to not feeling 100% they say it could have been much worse possibly leading to lover failure ...beware when prescribed statins!!!

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Thank you for your post, important information on side effect of statin.!!

I am happy to read that your kidney function is back to normal.

I only took statin for three weeks and the total cholesterol came down to 2.8. doctor asked me give three months!

Any I stopped statin, well, cholesterol, the new studies shows human can live with high cholesterol.

Take care.

I had a bad experience with statins too but nothing as drastic as yours. However due to symptoms I had a 3D heart scan and it turned out my arteries were 100% clear. The specialist told me I certainly did not need statins. I was discharged from the heart specialist entirely. Since then I read it is complete unnecessary for about 95% of people to be on statins as it has nothing to do with your heart wether or not your cholesterol is high. It’s all for profit, they even lowered the cholesterol level for people to be put on statins.

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Hi Emma

Bit like a lot of people when you are told you need to take these meds as a precaution - esp after such a scary episode - you listen to your cardiologist, however when they discovered my arteries were clear and I wasnt suffering from heart disease - they still kept me on the statins as a mere precaution - even one of the cardiac rehab nurses (who told me they didnt need to see me as I hadnt had a heart attack) commented on the ...and I quote 'whacking great doze of statins' they had put me on and that I should be careful - when I asked if I should stop taking them initially I was told no it will be fine ... only to discover it was not fine!!! So I do agree - there must be something in this ...its all for profit saga

One of many horror stories I've heard about statins!!

Statins My god ! I was given statins after my heart attack to cut down cholesterol ,so started taking them as advised . I gradually noticed I was getting more and more tired ,irritable ,aching lethargic and always cold ,went to my doctor who changed manufacturer ( to do with the coating on the pill) and also gradually lowered the dosage all to no avail. and top all this my stomach bloated . In the end, I said to my doctor ,enough is enough ,what did he recommend as really essential medication for just me ,his answer was it`s up to me to make that final decision but never come off Aspirin . and suggested to keep on Lansoprol for my stomach to counteract the acidity effects of the Aspirin . I took about a week to mull things over, talked with the wife and decided I could not carry on as is , so came off all but Aspirin and Lansoprol at a much lower dose . All that was 5 years ago and we have now moved country in the EU so on a different Health scheme and obviously different way of thinking on health , it`s less chemical more plant based medicine which surprised me . One of the mandatory requirements is a full medical (which you pay for ) blood tests ,ECG ,etc etc. take all results back your doctor (same day) The doctor looked at them and said all clear ,heart working ok blood count ok cholesterol well within limit .no sign of Diabetes . My question to her was how is this possible ? and only two possible things came to light when we discussed it . Maybe parameters of both health systems but also, I think stress, as I refuse to let anything bother me now . Maybe one more which surprised me , Summer or Winter I go and just sit in the local church ,(nope I`m not religious to any faith ) somehow just entering there and sitting calms me of any rubbish in my head .

That is amazing really and good for you. Just shows that statins are surplus to requirements.

I read that statins are one of the most profitable drugs for the drug companies and it’s the drug companies who are doing the research regarding statins so you can imagine that it’s in their interest to show that people need to go on them with lower and lower ‘cholesterol ‘ results.

Strange thing about all of this there is NO cholesterol in your blood. They check the lipids in blood and the findings on when you need statins changes to be beneficial to the drug companies too.

So as far as I am concerned I will never take a statin ever!

It’s heartening for me to get a response like yours about statins. I can’t tolerate any statins and eat a good diet and use Benecol light and my cholesterol is normal after bypass. Why oh why can’t we learn more about a plant based help regarding cholesterol. When lockdown is over I intend to find someone who can advise on this. My sister had years of discomfort on Statins after a mild heart attack. She is now off them.

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