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From 8.2 to 6.5 in three weeks?


Today I bought a Wellion LUNA duo (glucose and cholesterol meter).

3 weeks ago at my doctor, I gave blood and it came out as 8.2, today I tested it (by myself) and got 6.5. How can that be? That's fast decrease. And since I did not know the original 8.2 result til yesterday, I didn't really eat any other way as before.

Any ideas?

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There is a strong possibility your home tester need calibrating! NHS tests are very accurate. Did you do a fasting blood check?

Yes, today. The first time I went for tests first thing in the morning and did not eat since an evening before.

Ok. Made another test (30mins after eating).. just so that I see what the results will look like. and it was 7.9

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