Hi . Cholesterol diet sheets say only have 3-4 eggs a week . Is this true or now not relevant . In other countries outside uk people eat a lot more eggs. Should I eat less eggs and are they bad for cholesterol many thanks bill


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  • There has been many research done on it, I am afraid there is no a definitive answer to date.!!

    A TV documentary this lady ate three eggs for 2 weeks there were no change in cholesterol.

    There are people on their late eighties living without much problems who had two boiled eggs for breakfast providing eggs were available.

    I go for two eggs per day for healthy living along with many other things. Why separate an egg and throw away 1/2 of it?

    I see one lady at my workplace, only eat egg York! another only eat the white of poached eggs. What a waste?

    You body, .your stomach can let you know if you are eating extra.

    Human body produces 80 % cholesterol on demand and 20% from food intake!!!

    Do your own calculation.

  • Thanks sandy

  • Scrambled eggs with little butter so I am told. I make scrambled eggs with brown free range eggs with butter or coconut oil or olive oil!

  • I’ve cut out white bread and only use benecol butter . Olive oil and extra virgin too. Going to try sweet potatoes tomor

  • Benecol?

  • It’s like stanols . Hopefully reduce cholesterol . In margarine spread form and as a small shot drink

  • Benecol is made with rapeseed oil which is bad for cardiovascular health and inflammation.

  • Oh I see ok I’ll check it

  • Billyboybad,

    Where did you get the idea that margarines and rapeseed oil are good for cardiovascular health and general health? 🤔

  • Hi londininum . I knew margarine is bad so don’t use it . Benecol I use is in yoghurt shot drink and also in a spread . Rapeseed oil I don’t use much but told to use with roast pots etc once a week

  • The Benecol Spread is just another Margarine, and Rapeseed Oil is a refined veg oil - and they both promote inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

    Why on earth would you be using Benecol Margarine/Spread and Rapeseed Oil? 🤔

  • It’s advertises that it can benefit cholesterol levels which is a myth ? Whilst the yoghurt drink is ok? Is that correct?

  • Great. So the margarine/spread lowers your cholesterol, but kills you in the process. What more could you want?

  • Are you being sarcastic ? I’m asking serious questions? I want proper answers

  • Billyboybad,

    You're asking serious questions and you want proper answers?! Really?!

    How many times have I replied to your post already?! And how many times have I mentioned the issues surrounding margarines/spreads?! And how many links did I already provide for you - out of my own time and my own online research FOR YOU from the BMJ and from Dr Briffa?!

    If you had pondered on what had already been explained, and bothered to click on the links to read and digest the information there, you wouldn't keep asking the same question again and again and getting me to repeat myself again and again!

    If you want to continue to consume Spreads (i.e. Margarines!) after all that I said and included in those links, it is YOUR choice!

    If you like to think that a spread/margarine that lowers your cholesterol is good, whilst ignoring the ingredients in those spreads/margarines that clearly promote inflammation and cardiovascular disease, it is YOUR choice!

    If you want to use Rapeseed Oil for cooking because someone told you to, it is YOUR choice!

    Don't demand "proper answers" from me when I've already given them to you out of my own time! If you feel that the info that I gave you was insufficient, do your own research or wait for other people to answer your questions!

  • Ok calm down maybe I read your message the wrong way . I’ll click on links I’ve not been well I’ve had man flu . Thanks for any help in that case it’s appreciated . I don’t eat margarine as a rule

  • Thanks... but my ongoing Chest Infection of a few months, which has been unresponsive to antibiotics, most probably beats your Man Flu - hands down. 🤔

  • Margarines are not considered a (good) food.

  • Check the date on the diet sheet. I think current advice is eggs are OK in moderation because the body reduces to compensate for increased consumption.

  • Thanks dak very helpful

  • Benecol margarine contains Trans Fats which are detrimental but don't have to be declared in Britain. The process of refining liquid oils and making them solid makes them Trans Fats. Trans Fats have been known by corporations, for decades, to be detrimental to health. Unfortunately, someone or some board or some committee or some politicians have steered regulations in favour of the desire and profit of corporations, rather than what benefits the health of the people of Britain.

  • I did not know that the UK did not have to list trans fats on nutritional info - that's concerning. I don't like margerine and use butter at home but something to consider when eating out. Thank you for pointing that out.

  • UK, have a lot of information from Public Health England. The question is when this information was published!

    There are a lot of new information available via the Internet, it may take time for PHE to update the data base.

    I use the Internet to check the information I want.

    Is butter not available when you are eating out?

  • Hi, well I don't really eat out often, I'm thinking more of occasionally getting toast or a sandwich from the canteen at work if I've ended up working over and I'm hungry they get the "butter" from a big yellow tub so I'm sure it's margarine, maybe I should keep a small tub of my own butter in the fridge. 😀

  • Fran,

    I think it depends on whether it's partially or fully hydrogenated and the percentage of Trans Fats.

    You'd think that MSG would have to be listed in ingredients, but no - it depends on the percentage/amount. I know because I felt ill, dizzy, sweaty and had palpitations each time I consumed Miso Soup from Itsu - the chain outlet (whose owner also owns Pret-a-Manger). So I got the Itsu manager to bring me the full list of ingredients that isn't openly listed to the public. Mono sodium glutamate was listed - the manager didn't know it was the full name of MSG, so she had been adamant that they never use MSG at Itsu. So I had to explain to her that MSG is monosodium glutamate! I then rang the Itsu head office and asked why they use MSG in their product/s when they purport to be a health conscious and health centred outlet? The man replied "because it's a cheap flavour enhancer". So I rang Trading Standards and was told that MSG can be used without being listed if it's less than a specific percentage/amount. So outlets aren't obliged to 'come clean' about the shite ingredients they put in their healthy-looking products.

    I no longer purchase anything from Itsu or Pret-a-Manger.

  • That is awful, other people with an intolerance might not identify that's what was making them I'll.

    shows that it's really just best to pack your own food, but sometimes life gets in the way of being organised!

  • Fran,

    I could have easily accepted what the manager said i.e. that they don't use MSG at all in their products. But I insisted on seeing the full list. She hadn't realised that what she had handwritten from their own lists (that the public are not privy to) was in fact MSG. It was written in long hand, and she hadn't realised that monosodium glutamate was MSG.

    But I was getting a significant reaction each time I consumed their miso soup, so I knew there was something in it that was triggering the reaction.

    If you get a reaction from food in a restaurant/cafe, trust your instinct - even when they assure you that they don't use artificial flavours/additives.

    I was also told things by Pret-a-Manger about buckets/barrels/tubs of egg mayo arriving... and all they do is put on the bread and sell it. She said that all their foods arrive fully made even with the seasonings/flavourings. So this notion of them making things from scratch in the kitchen in the cafe premises is not so. They just chuck the stuff from the barrels/buckets/tubs on the bread and sell it. She explained this after I asked what was in the seasoning/flavouring cos it tastes awful. She said she didn't know. They don't make it or season it on the premises. It's all done before it arrives. Pret-a-Manger claim that their foods aren't made in a factory and don't come from a factory. But when something comes in the manner that their own manager had described, and she doesn't know what the product (egg mayo sandwich) is flavoured with... my definition of where it came from is a factory.

  • i was told by chemist friend, that magarine is one molecule away from becoming plastic. My ex-son in law had a contract to deep clean the factories where margarine is manufactured, he said what he saw there and how hard it is to clean, would put you off margarine for life.

  • Thanks Fidgetsmum,

    Yes, I was aware of the "plastic" claim. Quite frankly, it wouldn't surprise me. How these people play with the health of the masses doesn't surprise me, whilst politicians and regulatory boards/committees receive payments/bribes from corporations and their lobbyists to persuade them to make regulations in their favour - rather than in the favour of the masses.

  • Who says margarines are good?

  • M&S soft butter spreadable, Kerry gold soft butter are both excellent. you can also use coconut oil.

  • They are low in sat fats I take it or a better option I suppose? 👍

  • Saturated fats are not the problem! Trans fats and polyunsaturated fats are! Our body is made up of a high amount of saturated fat, so how can it be bad for us???!

  • We can get into very interesting discussion on this subject as it is very complicated to understand.

    My family says, eat what you want and enjoy one life, only time will tell.

  • True. Life is too short

  • Fresh food!

  • An interesting article on eggs:

    Pregnant women who eat up to NINE eggs a day have babies with higher IQs, study suggests

    Eggs contain choline, which is also found in red meat, fish, poultry and nuts

    Choline boosts babies' memories and abilities to process information.

    Expectant mothers may require double the recommended choline intake a day

    Researchers believe women may worry about eggs' 'unhealthy' reputation

    On average, one egg contains 115mg of choline; 930mg is the optimal amount.

    Read more:

  • I eat eggs when I want one and although my cholesterol was 8.2 the eggs never had any effect, neither raising it or lowering it, about a year ago I started taking 10mg atorvastatin, at the same time I quit All artificial spreads and went on to butter full time including on my jacket potatoes, I use only extra pure virgin oil and a bit of coconut oil in curries, I haven't changed my exercise and although I have cut calories to lose about 8lb in weight I haven't done much else, within one month my cholesterol went from 8.2 down to 5.5 my Dr said that was not possible on such a low dose of statins (NO Side effects) and with me actually increasing my fat intake.

    I also went back to eating a cooked breakfast when I fancied one and having a rib eye about once a month, cholesterol was taken the week before Christmas and its the lowest at 5.1 than its been since 2012, I'm not overweight but I am restricted to moderate exercise as I live on crutches.

    So I would say that in MY opinion, ditch all the processed foods including plastic spreads and oils and get your vitamin D levels checked, mine were critical, up fibre intake and fluids and enjoy life. Happy 2018

  • Well done and thanks . Very informative . I’ve been told to go on 10 mg avrostatin but waiting 3 mo this and trying diet and exercise

  • Check your total cholesterol before stating your medication, may be you can ask to start on 5mg and if necessary increase it to 10mg. Again check your total cholesterol after three months.

  • Hi again, do you know your cholesterol numbers, are they quite high, have you had it tested regularly over the last year

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