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Trust me I am a doctor, programme is back, today at 8PM, 2/3, on BBC 2.

Dr Mosley discovers if changing your diet can lower cholesterol as much as drugs like statin.

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Bala, the programme on food reducing cholesterol is on Wednesday 22 July at 8pm .Thanks for mentioning it. Have been watching Super Foods, last night was interesting how they showed consuming omega 3 oils made the white cells in our blood move faster.

Thanks Bala, look forward to that!

It should be able to, if you increase physical activity as well UNLESS you have inherited the faulty gene (FH) when you will need medical intervention, if you wish to live to a ripe old age. I must remember to watch; thanks for the post Bala.

Did anyone watch this. I forgot to. Will have to try and download it. What was the outcome.

DakCB-UK in reply to rocheen

HealthUnlocked only emailed me after the broadcast, so I couldn't watch it. I would expect diet changes to have some effect on FH people, but only on non-FH people if they had a bad diet before.

EDIT: found it at which says "This is undoubtedly on par with statins. Modified Portfolio Diet: 2-3g phytosterols, 75g oats and 60g almonds per day."

So it seems I was wrong and it had an effect on the presenter, who as far as I know is non-FH.

sandybrown in reply to rocheen

Have been looking to answer your question. At the end of the day as we are different individuals therefore any process may work differently!

As for the programme it was very informative. HUK as given an update on their site. The link, DakCB-UK given below has a lot of information going back for few years. HUK is also mentioned on the web site.

The results from the experiment can be confusing, needs a closer look at the numbers. Yes, I have questions but it is not easy to get answers.

you can watch this programme on I-player. Trust me I am a doctor has made a lot of medical programme all of them are excellent providing you are looking for guide lines.

In my case I refused station three years ago, food intake control and regular exercise is helping me, will continue until such time as statin is a secondary medication!!!

An interesting programme, as always there was something to learn from the programme. Life style change food intake control and regular exercise is helping me.

Medication no not at the moment, may be one day when it is absolutely necessary.

If body makes 75% cholesterol and the food we eat gives us 25 % cholesterol then there are questions on the test results to get a better understanding.

Hope HUK can look at this post and can comment on the test results from this link


Certainly was interesting, although I find that format of programme irritating (if they didn't keep chopping between subject and recapping each time they move back to a previous subject, they could cut the show to 45 mins).

The presenter had a combined CH of 8 to start with, and it was cut to 5.8 (?) . He had been on Statins before that, so it's unclear how long he had stopped statins for before having his baseline CH checked. I would expect long enough to be a fair measure as he seemed to be unbiased.

For those of us with the dodgy FH gene, I'm sure it must be worth using the Portfolio Diet alongside our current medications / treatments. A link to the Heart UK Portfolio Diet fact sheet:

I noted one other thing in the programme - a doctor saying that aspirin is 100 times less safe than statins. But how can this be? Surely, Aspirin is virtually a natural remedy based on willow tree bark (just as digitalis is based on the foxglove)... I should point out that I'm attempting to be ironic here...

Please read the side effect on Aspirin, from my family members who are doctors do talk about aspirin side effect. !

I am allergic to Aspirin.

I agree with capers about the programme being irritating as it switched from one thing to another. The results were only on a small sample of participants and people did vary in their results.

I thought the item on body washes was slightly daft as you wash it all off fairly quickly anyway although I know people do have reactions. Just goes to show how individual we all are.

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