So years of trying different medications to control my familial hypercholesteremia, and unable to tolerate any statins, or any natural sources helping my lipid levels, I have now been started on Repatha. I've now had 3 doses (injected fortnightly) and my lipid levels are now within 'normal range'. So far I have had no side effects, and pain in my Achilles has gone, which was being caused by high cholesterol.


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  • Interesting! I haven't heard of this drug. A very quick Internet search for it seems to tell me that it is something that is designed to be taken in addition to statins??

    I have not had any problems with taking statins so far - and they have reduced my Chol levels down to "recommended" numbers. And I don't doubt that people have problems with statins - there seems to be so many that it is undeniable. But I do wonder if something else is going on. For example, I am interested in calcification as I have calcified heart arteries - but I read of people who even get calcium deposits in their eyes??? - so perhaps your Achilles pain is caused by calcification in that area and not the statins themselves?? I don't know. I am also interested in Achilles tendons - because i am a "senior citizen" long distance runner and very interested in anything to do with Achilles tendons :) - which I sometime have problems with from the running :)

  • Yes my Achilles pain was due to calcification, but it's quite strange that it has disappeared. I can't tolerate the most minimal dose of statin, and my consultant even tried me on taking it just a few times a week to help lower my cholesterol, and that failed as I still had myalgia. I have never smoked, eat healthy and excercise minimum of 4 days a week, and have a low body fat percentage. Luckily my arteries have not furred up at all.

  • Hi, how did they ascertain that your arteries hadn't furred up?

  • I had an angiogram, as the consultant was concerned that my uncontrolled high levels were causing damage to my arteries, and my consultant had never seen such high levels before. I had it done using dye and a CT scanner.

  • Hi Wgwright84,

    You mentioned that your consultant had never seen such high levels of Cholesterol & Lipid? May I ask what your levels were?


  • i can't recall what they were but when I see her again, I will ask for a copy of them, and let you know

  • Thanks. It'd be useful.

  • As far I know, the most accurate scan for assessing calcified arteries is also the cheapest and most basic scan i.e. it's the CACS/coronary arterial calcium score which does not require any injection. This edited short version of the Widow Maker is about that scan.

  • Hi, Levels were as follows before injections:

    Serum Chol 13.8 mmol/L

    Serum Trig 2.0 mmol/L

    Calculated Non-HDL Cholesterol 9.3 mmol/L

    Serum HDL Chol 0.9 mmol/L

    Calculated LDL Cholesterol 9.0 mmol/L

    Levels following injections:

    Serum Chol 5.0 mmol/L

    Serum Trig 1.3 mmol/L

    Calculated Non-HDL Cholesterol 2.7 mmol/L

    Serum HDL Chol 0.8 mmol/L

    Calculated LDL Cholesterol 3.0 mmol/L


    Thank you for those results. You're the first person that I've come across to have higher Cholesterol/Lipids than me! 🤔

    Did you watch the documentary that I posted above?

    I don't know if your scan is superior to that basic scan, which is recommended by some progressive cardiologists. They suggest the basic scan without the dye. It takes only a couple of minutes to do.

  • Relax and enjoy one life!

  • Hey londinium Janette here. I told you id get back to you about my calcium score as well. Finally got my results back and have zero calcium plaque score for all arteies despite very high familial chol. For years. MD actually advised me NOT to take statins as they would due more harm than good and to keep doing what Ive been doing..taking high dose niacin, tumeric, vit d,k2 etc.

    I had a heart scan performed. Its not invasive and accurate.

  • Hi Janette,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Your results are really good!

    Four questions, if I may -

    1) Was it the cheap 2 min heart scan that doesn't require any injection or contrast?

    2) Which products do you take for your arterial supplement regime?

    3) How high was your Cholesterol prior starting your arterial supplement regime?

    4) What kind of diet do you follow? Low carb, high fat?

    Thanks 🖖🏻

  • Hi so it wasnt cheap it was the newest ebt heart scan the one your widowmaker video talks about. Has faster imaging to catch images between heart beats 33x more effective and 3x less radiation then reg. heart scan. It is half priced right now at $195.00 usd. Google boulder heart scan. Find one out there where you live. Highly recommend it.

    My chol. Has been as high as 350 and now at 300. Its been hifh since 1st time checked in 20's at 280.

    Dr blanchet md. Tells me keep doing what iam doing.he doesnt buy in to high chol as a cause for heart dz. Espec when heart scan says otherwise. He suppirts antinflammatory diet. Watching for gum dz. Immune system support is a must.

    I take High dose niacin its helped my hdl out too. Vit d, vit k2. I take pantethine to raise hdl. Coconut oil and healthy fats. Vit c. Watching sugars. And ive added policosonol..

    Other antioxidants too grapeseed, aged garlic...

    Love cont conversation have to go now.

    Let me know ur thoughts..

  • Thanks Janette,

    I'm presuming your scan was the one that was recommended, although Dr William Davis and others have said that it's generally available in the USA from about $99.

    Would be good to compare products and doses.

    You didn't mention Vit E in your regime. I recently added that too.

    Presently, I take -

    L-Lysine by LEF (when I remember)

    Vit C Ascorbic Acid, by Dr Linus Pauling Premium Vitamins

    Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, by LEF.

    Boron, by LEF.

    L-Arginine, by ARG.

    High Potency Magnesium, by Viridian.

    Super Silica Plus, by Solaray.

    ApoLactoferrin, by LEF

    High Twelve B Complex, by Viridian

    Natural Vitamin E, by Tocospan

    CoQ10 Max Strength, by Lamberts

    MorDHA, by Minami

    Vitamin D3, by various firms

    That covers most (but not all) of what I take. But I do change the brands and products from time to time.

  • Yes tou may be able get that same scan less expensive but this is in my home town so it would cost more to travel. Iam fine with 195 cost. And worth the cost!Ill have to look at some of your supplements. And yes theres others i 4got to mention like b12 under tongue spray. Ubiquionol...

    And i prob should add vit E.

    Did i mention i started taking dessicated porcine naturethroid as well as I was getting hypothtroid with initial tsh being high as 3.9. My naturepath feels this would help my chol lower as well. I believe it has...

  • Hi Janette,

    Well, what a surprise! We're both taking Nature Throid!

    Although I've previously stated on this forum that the best doctors have, for 100 yrs, known that one of the signs of an underactive thyroid function was a very high cholesterol, there have been no recognition of this fact by others on this forum... until you came along! 🤓

    Anyway, it's good to finally meet someone else that has become aware of the thyroid-cholesterol connection. 🖖🏻

    I'm presently taking 2.5 grains of Nature Throid daily. 🤓

  • Yeah! Thats fantastic! I will give your video a listen when i get a moment. And it may of been you that put forth info indicating that before statins they used to treat high chol with thyroid meds wich i found interesting.

    I just take a 1/4 gram but its made s world of difference in me. Energy wise, emotionally.. and iam quit certain my drop in chol by 4 pnts likely due to it b/c i didnt start high dose niacin etc.. until few weeks prior to blood drawn. The naturethroid was the big test and had been on it for 3 mos prior to prev blood work if that makes sense.

  • Janette,

    I think you'll find the 4 part series interesting.

    I think you must've heard about thyroid from my lone voice on this forum.

    Unlike your high-ish TSH which is likely to be Primary Hypothyroidism, my TSH, FT4, and (perhaps more importantly) my FT3 were ALL around the bottom end of, or below, the lab reference range, which is Secondary Hypothyroidism. In over quarter of a century of seeing numerous GPs, hospital consultants, and running various tests, not one doctor correctly diagnosed or treated me. So I now advise people to always get the printout of their lab results with the reference ranges, and to NOT assume that their GP &/or hospital doctors were correct.

    I'll soon be re-testing my FT3, FT4, TSH, Cholesterol and other Lipids to see if the 2.5 grains needs to be adjusted. I think it is important to always run these tests together and at the same time. I've proven, through running these tests together, that as my thyroid levels have gradually changed, so has my cholesterol - which is contrary to what all the foolish doctors had said when I had asked them if my thyroid and cholesterol were related? They consistently denied that the two things are related. 🤕

  • Yes I will def. give it a watch. Well it sounds like your on the right track with it all now. And yes I agree with you had I not gone to the naturopath It would of been over looked and it had been for years! So the NP did look at T3 and T4 wich are good. But, also my tyroid antibodies which are high! So autoimmune thyroiditis is what Ive got going. Not hashi but the other antibodies...

  • Janette,

    Which turmeric product do you use?

  • Ive been using golden milk by gaia herbs and putting it in my smoothies wirh coconut oil. And sometimes in my coffee again with coconut oil..

    What about you? Any good ones you can rec.?

  • Janette,

    I sometimes add turmeric savoury cooking and get turmeric lattes with almond/coconut milk from healthy cafes.

    Ps. Here's a recipe that's similar (but not exactly the same) as the banana coconut chocolate loaf that my local cafe bakes. You can change the recipe according your own needs.

  • Janette,

    You and your naturopath may find Dr Mark Starr's 4 part video of interest.

    Here's part 1.

  • Also meant to say cost of it was $195.00 usd. On sale half price now. Ebt heart scan google boulder heart scan for more info on it. No injection/tdyes.

  • A, MD advising not to go on statin!, very interesting?

    Where is your MD practicing, may be many people want to visit your MD?

  • Dr william blanchet in boulder colorado. Google boulder heart scan. Its an ebt heart scan. Its half price now $195.00 usd. Ive never had an actual md tell me not take statin so yes hes on cutting edge!

  • PCSK9 inhibitors work in a different way to statins they stop the receptors from being withdrawn when your body absorbs LDL back into the liver. This means that your liver absorbs more LDL, if you lower your cholesterol below the normal range (the level of a normal healthy person not on statins or any other cholesterol lowering medication) then you will get side effects due to too low cholesterol.

  • Yes so I was told by my consultant.

  • Medications will do little to nothing for you if you don't modify your lifestyle. There are no shortcuts - lowering cholesterol requires a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise that elevates your heart rate to over 120 bpm, and the elimination of sugars and simple carbohydrate foods from your diet. It also requires that you increase your consumption of high-fibre foods such as beans, chick peas, lentils, blueberries, and oatmeal. It means reducing your consumption of red meat to once every couple of weeks, eating cold-water fish such as salmon, trout or arctic char for 2 meals per week, and chicken twice per week. It means eliminating all fried foods and consuming more healthy fats live olive oil, and nut products such as organic almond butter or organic peanut butter.

    I had a triple bypass open heart surgery in March 2015 and was told I had familial hypercholesterolemia. Through the lifestyle and dietary change I summarized above, I lost 40 lbs, and came off of all medications. I am now at my optimal weight with optimal blood pressure and optimal lipid values.

    There is no free lunch, lifestyle and dietary changes are painful to make but once you've gone through the process it becomes second nature. If you want to learn more about how I did it, read all of my posts at the link below.

  • Pure turmeric power from a supermarket or an Asian shop is value for money. This powder is used in many Asian cooking with other herbs and spices.

  • What does it do for cholesterol?

  • See post above from kasibarndoor

  • Very good question.


    The most powerful healing herb, turmeric is known for its antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cognitive benefits.

    Research indicates that turmeric (the spice that gives curry its yellow color) lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, while preventing LDL oxidation. Use liberally in cooking.

    Have it with porridge, water or milk, no added sugar!

    Sprinkle in every food you eat with, cinnamon, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Online article re heart disease for you all -

  • Hi, Levels were as follows before injections:

    Serum Chol 13.8 mmol/L

    Serum Trig 2.0 mmol/L

    Calculated Non-HDL Cholesterol 9.3 mmol/L

    Serum HDL Chol 0.9 mmol/L

    Calculated LDL Cholesterol 9.0 mmol/L

    Levels following injections:

    Serum Chol 5.0 mmol/L

    Serum Trig 1.3 mmol/L

    Calculated Non-HDL Cholesterol 2.7 mmol/L

    Serum HDL Chol 0.8 mmol/L

    Calculated LDL Cholesterol 3.0 mmol/L

  • Thank you for your update. OK, the test numbers are within the guide lines.

    The question is "How are you feeling?" and better than when the numbers were high?

  • I feel far better than I was, calcification from my Achilles has gone, so no pain or aches. Not taking statins which caused me great problems. So yes, much better than when the levels were high.

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