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Hi everyone, was just told my cholesterol is 9.3 shocked is not the word. even my doc was shocked. I am a female, 57yrs old 5' 3" 9st 3lbs (same number as my cholesterol) I have COPD and am a coeliac. Being coeliac restricts my diet hugely as it is, but ive got 3mths to re-invent my diet. I did bake and eat cakes and biscuits regularly as Free From foods are really really pricey, so I'll stop baking bread/cakes/biscuits and buying them too. I'll akso cut out the sweets (sugar is my big big problem). I already use sunflower spread and rapeseed oil. I also have a dairy and soya intolerance so very little dairy passes my lips. I do have a family history of heart/stroke mum, gran, aunts big brothers so the doc has given me this chance under sufferance lol lol. I'd be grateful for any tips xx

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  • Hi Annenic

    Cutting out the sugar, cakes and biscuits should help with the cholesterol levels. Keeping to whole foods, lots of vegetables, and avoiding processed foods should also help. Including olive oil is also recommended for its heart benefits.

    Has your doctor looked at the possibility of inherited high cholesterol?

  • That's the general consensus Penel that's is familial. There is a lot of first and second degree family who have died from heart attacks or had one. He's just allowing me 3 months to try and bring it down. My diet was very restricted before with the Coeliac Disease now it's almost impossible. It's early days, but I'll manage xx

  • Hello again

    I also have to eat gluten and dairy free. If you can eat a lot of different vegetables, meat, fish, eggs etc and cook mostly from scratch, hopefully it shouldn't be impossible. There are a lot of gf recipes out there.

    There is a site on HU called Gluten Free Guerrillas, which might be useful, if you haven't come across it before.

  • I use this site and quite a few others, Coeliac Disease is well under control and I manage it well. I didn't however have high cholesterol pre diagnosis. Strange xx

  • According to medical people 20% of cholesterol is from food intake and 80 % the human body make cholesterol on demand. If you watch out for free sugar and hidden sugar in food you may be able to bring your number down.

    You my ask your doctor for JBS 3 risk analysis by using your blood test numbers and for full explanation. Food intake control and regular exercise can help towards a healthy life.

    Have a look at waist to height ratio in Google.

    Some time some medication side effect can increase cholesterol!!

    As you say there is family history, May be your GP can refer you to a specialist to do further investigation.

  • I'm cutting out sugar. Sat Fat and high carbs. Eating more fruit. I get the three months ti try myself then it's testing. Fingers X'd I do it xx

  • When I say eating more fruit concerned I actually mean eating 2 satsumas a day. I swapped my 2 small slices of cake for 2 satsumas. The doctor thinks I have no chance without statins anyway so all info helps xx

  • Thanx concerned but I'm nowhere near obese nor do I have diabetes. Perhaps if my mum had not fried everything going 9n anomalies fat she'd still be here. Which kinda disproves the first study xx

  • Frying isn't the problem per se. The use of processed oils sets up an inflammatory condition in the body, plus we also need a balanced diet that includes vegetables for instance for fibre, and water soluble vitamins.

    Eating high-glycaemic carbs causes too much insulin/IGF-1 in the body leading to many chronic conditions.

  • Michael Mosley on his programme Trust Me I'm A Doctor reviewed very favourably cider vinegar for reducing cholestrol.

    Started taking it again ~ 1 tablespoon in a large glass of warm water with my main meal and medication. It feels good. Still take 10mgs of statin and plant sterols.

  • That's worth looking into. TY xx

  • Well if you've recognized that sugar is your problem then you're likely on the right path already. If you significantly curtail sugar and simple carbohydrates such as white bread, baked goods, white pasta, white rice, and white potatoes, your lipid profile should improve.

    Note that Ceylon/true cinnamon may provide LDL (bad cholesterol) lowering as well as glucose lowering benefits. One teaspoon per day stirred into your tea/coffee/milk/smoothie.

    Cinnamon does not dissolve well so you'll have to swoosh around your last gulp and swallow.

    You may also consider the merits of goat milk. Sounds stinky but it isn't. I converted 4 months ago and I can't taste the difference. Fat molecules in goat milk does not clog arteries like cow milk (medium chain fatty acids vs long chain fatty acids).

    Read my post 'getting off statins' as well as my October update.

  • I don't have dairy as I'm intolerant, but I do like the odd piece of Goats cheese lol lol. Thanks for your answer though. I'll try the cinnamon xx

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