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does throwing up before a fasting blood test alter the result? I ask this because this happened to me and the results came back saying I had high cholesterol. My doctor thought had me redo the test today but before the phlebotomist started she opened up my last results and it showed my cholesterol levels were 257! I'm only 17 and I weight 108lbs and run 3+ miles almost on a daily basis

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I don't know. However I would have thought that if you had been fasting for 12 hours you wouldn't have had much there. However if this was caused by a bacteria / virus then my guess it could affect some blood tests but specifically cholesterol I don't know.


Try not to worry about it, wait for the results of the new test.

Cholesterol levels can be affected by your genes, by your environment, or a combination of the two. If the test result is accurate, then it may be a good thing that it has been picked up early, so that you can do something about it, if necessary.

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In UK number your test result is 6.6. try not to worry, wait for the new blood test results.

There are guide lines in every country. What was the reason for blood test?

food intake control and regular exercise can help you towards a healthy life. Have a read of my last post, medication to lower cholesterol is the last option for your age.

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