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Hello, I'm Kel and I'm new here.


I had my blood test done a month ago. Everything else is ok but my cholesterol level is 8.2. I am 53 years old. My new year resolution is definitely to get fit by bringing that level lower. I do regular exercise such as walking, dancing. I need help in terms of a proper diet. The food I should or should not eat. Sincerely hope to get inspired and motivated through this group. Thank you very much.

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Cholesterol is no longer a problem for Heart problems!!!! Regular exercise, food and drinks intake control can help towards a health life. There are many articles on the subject last year. Food intake only contribute to 20% of human body cholesterol.

KelTan in reply to sandybrown

Thank you for the reply. I do my morning walk and line dancing in the morning on a regular basis. Total time 90 min. Will that be enough?

sandybrown in reply to KelTan

OK, I am no expert! I do one hour of exercise every day, walk time to gym 15 minutes, tread mill 30 minutes and walk home time 15 minutes. I do other things as well. A part time work, may be 2 days a week were I stand for 8 hours shift and moving small to large boxes about!

There are time calculations on exercise available in Google. I am 70, went on life style change 5 years ago to avoid medication. Only time will tell. I am enjoying one life! The cholesterol numbers the GPs use do not fit all of us therefore we have to check and make our own decisions on what we need to do to achieve a good health. You also need to look at height to waist ration, more information on Google.

KelTan in reply to sandybrown

Thank you Bala..Enjoy your life!

Concerned in reply to KelTan

At a heart rate of 150+ beats per minute, 12 minutes are needed.

At a heart rate of 140+ beats per minute, 20 minutes are needed.

At 130+ bpm, 45 minutes

At 120+ bpm, 90 minutes

A minimum of 24.2 hours are needed for recovery and growth after completion of a session before commencing another session.

KelTan in reply to Concerned

Thanks for the info.. much appreciated

Avoid sugar and processed foods as much as possible. Eat lots of different vegetables, varied proteins, legumes and nuts. Have you checked your levels are with your doctor?

KelTan in reply to Penel

Thank you for the diet tips Have since cut down a lot on sugar...Processed food is a big no for homecooking but hard to avoid when eat out.

google Malcolm Kendrick

KelTan in reply to rocheen

Thank you

Dottie2011 in reply to rocheen

YES!!! I am just reading his amazing book 'The Great Cholesterol Con' and have learnt so much! We really do not need to worry about cholesterol levels at all!!


The total cholesterol number is irrelevant. You need to know either your ApoB and ApoA-1 numbers or your HDL and LDL numbers as well as triglycerides and blood glucose.

Dancing is an 'activity' not an exercise and 'walking' CAN be an exercise but it has be daily and must be at a very brisk pace for 30 minutes at least to elevate your heart-rate to over 130 bpm.

As for diet, read this link: pritikin.com/healthiest-die...

Nathan Pritikin, who has since passed away, used this diet along with running on a daily basis to reverse his heart disease. The Pritikin Longevity Center is a medical group committed to helping people engage in permanent behavioural changes with their diet and exercise to help them live longer.

Good luck. You can also read all of my posts starting with 'Coming off Statins'

KelTan in reply to sos007

That's a whole lot of great tips..thanks so much. Will check out your posts

First of all, the more I read about this subject the more I am becoming convinced that the whole cholesterol thing is, well ... a scam. Complete nonsense. Cholesterol is absolutely essential to the body. High cholesterol is actually associated with longer life, it now seems. When cholesterol is exceptionally high, this may, of course, be a sign of ill health such as heart and vascular problems. But these are not caused by the cholesterol! But of course I'm not a doctor, so I don't want to pretend to know more about it than a physician who has done serious research into this matter. Nevertheless, personally I am convinced of two things: 1) high cholesterol is NOT dangerous, and 2) statins ARE dangerous.

Exactly!!! Statins are just a MASSIVE money maker for big pharma, just like chemo for cancer.

Have you read 'The Great Cholesterol Con' by Malcolm Kendrick?? If not, you should! ;)

Haven't read it yet but I have seen it mentioned. I definitely plan to read it one of these days.

Firstly, DAMAGED cholesterol can be very dangerous. You need to find out if your cholesterol is damaged.

Fasting - intermittent fasting us the key

Meals - 1 a day in the evening

Exercise - non stress causing. Walking, swimming., yoga

Food: pritikin.com/14-day-menu.html


I'm also 53 with a level of 8:) I've been taking stations for approximately one year so far so must get my bloods really done. I am unable to exercise much due to having a brain tumour for which I am currently having chemotherapy, it's working too and controlling the growth well. I manage to walk once a week with a group but don't do much more than housework and the occasional walk to the local shops. Obviously this isn't enough exercise but I wonder if anyone can suggest an easier type of exercise that I could do at home to help bring my cholesterol levels down? Any help would be appreciated.

I can't go swimming due to weak arm and epilepsy so it's like a double whammy for me right now!!!

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