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I have had something like 150 posts from this forum regarding spamming, i have reported over 40 of these posts. is there a moderator around who can block the relevant IP address?

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Too much junk filling up my inbox from this site. If it doesn't stop soon I'm closing down my membersip. FAR TOO MUCH SPAM with no connection with cholestrol or health. What exactly is going on? I've got better things to do rather than fussing with this sort of thing.

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Sadly Culturevulture these spammers so not care where they post. it started last night (our time in England) and has continued throughout the day. I have set my options not to get notifications of new posts until the moderation team can stop this.



If you go into the account section of your profile, you can change your e-mail preferences. Simply untick the boxes to stop getting notifications.

How can a moderator find the IP address of a post?

IP address belongs to the Internet connection !


Every one of us has an Ip address when we post to the Forum. it is in the Moderation pack of Tools . Some are static IP's some are not. mine is a static IP assigned by my ISP, it never changes. Some ISP have a range of Ip addresses but when you post, the IP address is there... I moderate on two forums not for Health unlocked and I can block a range of IP addresses. I also can trace the IP address to see where the poster is, even if they bounce from one region to another. This is independent of the moderation stuff.


Sorry about the delay! All clean now :)

PeterWh in reply to SimoneHU

Quell I also reported Saturday but no response or action on this forum. I had at least 187 spam emails.

On Saturday they started on the AFA forum but very quickly spams were stopped. I suspect that they had someone monitoring.


Not good when these spammers set to work and spoil it for the rest of us. Thank you Simone.


I noticed it started on the other forum but stopped quickly. I was desperate when my mail box started filling with the rubbish.

Wasn't the fault of the website. Unfortunately these spam vultures don't care who they spam and unfortunately most websites get caught out from time to time. I think you will agree that this site has valuable and interesting information and it would be a shame to close your account on this community due to an event that cannot be helped by the admin. I think HealthUnlocked is a valuable source of information for people who have health problems and the community on here are very helpful.

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