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News about the future of the community


I’m here to communicate a plan for the future of people who use this community. HEART UK are unable to continue to support this service for reasons mentioned in their recent posts.

Up to this point they have supported and moderated hundreds of posts/comments/questions etc generated from all of you. HEART UK have have done their best to resource both the service and the responsibility for such a community.

Unfortunately it’s now not possible, so HealthUnlocked will sustain a place for those of you who wish to continue connecting. We will do that by transferring you to a new community - that will administered by HealthUnlocked staff and volunteers.

The questions, comments, and posts that you have all created will remain attached to your profiles. We hope you will make the best of the community. And on your behalf we thank HEART UK and its staff for the support they have provided to generate the community in the first place.

HealthUnlocked members looking for expertise and specialist information for cholesterol management should contact HEART UK here:



Community Manager


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Will this remain its own community or be lumped in with another existing one?

Will the forum guidelines remain the same or will we be left even more vulnerable to zealots?

SimoneHUHealthUnlocked in reply to DakCB-UK

It will be the same group of followers, with their existing conversations.

The new guidelines will be based on:

But, we are open to suggestions from the community.

CatPiggott in reply to SimoneHU

Ah. This is bad news. Forums are useful to gather information about what others have tried.

My cholesterol hovers around 12 and statins and I don't seem to mix. I am very interested in niacin. Where can I get more information?

I see my specialist in two days' time and was looking for some justification that he would embrace. He's not keen, he just wants to use the current pharma approach.

SimoneHUHealthUnlocked in reply to CatPiggott

Hi CatPiggott, you can still ask and share experiences with this group, after the transitions you will be all still together in a new space.

Am I allowed to ask what went wrong? I wasn't aware of any dangerous, misleading or inaccurate information being dished out. I'd only just re joined too, so feel very disappointed, it was always such a friendly site.

Nothing to do with scepticism about statins I trust, and inconvenient truths?

Sounds a great idea that this can be continued! Thank you.

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