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I had a heart attack 1 year ago and had a stent fitted at the time, and another in Jan 2015. Still have 1 artery at 75% blocked but as heart pump test was 50% no further stents were fitted. On the usual tablets except statin as also have pbc. Recently I've had missed or extra heartbeats. I mentioned it to gp and he took my pulse and said it was fine. About 2 weeks ago I had a day when it was lasting most of the day, no pain just really irregular. It was sunday and I decided to wait until Monday and if no change phone my cardiac nurse. By Monday it was fine. Just wondered if anybody had this, leading to a heart attack? I know stress can do this but really don't feel that and also don't feel like I'm paying too much attention to heartbeats . Still occasionally have them but never any pain.Just a bit worried that the clogged artery is getting worse, or is it too close to my last check in January (8 months ago) to have changed a lot?


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  • Hi emetics

    I too have irregular heartbeats, had them for 27yrs. I was given a beta blocker back then and still take one a day. Like you mine seems to miss a beat then does a few fast beats as though to make up for the missed one. Consultant put mine down to anxiety, he was right. Stress definitely sets them off. I have high cholesterol, I am working on trying to get it down, one thing I have noticed is now I've cut down on carbs and only have wholemeal bread occasionally, and eating only fresh home cooked foods, no sugar or trans fats only butter and coconut oil.

    The irregular beats have been so much better, maybe diet could play a part in stabilising irregular beats?? Who knows time will tell. Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply Molsmum. I hadn't thought about diet as a possible cause.Another reason to eat healthy! My biggest problem is chocolate. Working at it though.

  • Hi emetics

    Funny you should mention chocolate, the first thing doctors asked me when I started to get missed beats was do you eat chocolate or drink a lot of coffee? So maybe it's worth trying to cut it down if you eat lots, even if it helps a little.

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