Miss Patches

I'm 57 and had a heart attack 2 year ago and suffer from dizziness most days and when I came out of hospital I was fine up until one of my medication was reduced, had further tests at hospital to find the cause of being dizzy on a daily basis all tests came back normal and my doctor going to start reducing my medication to see if this will stop my dizziness. More bad days I have than good and have felt completely miserable. My heart has been checked and is fine but I do hope and pray I will be free of the dizziness as it has incapacitated my life and lost confidence. Does anyone else has suffered these symptoms as myself? Any feedback would be appreciated thank you


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15 Replies

  • Does it come and go, or is it constant?

    What do you eat?

  • The dietitian gave me a diet sheet displaying v healthy options, bad, occasionally to which I try to stick too. Thank you for replying.

  • Good luck! Have you been checked for metabolic syndrome?

  • No I have not been checked for that

  • I had really severe dizziness years ago nothing to do with the heart attack I had.

    I was prescribed Betahistine which I still take now might be worth asking your Doctor about it.

    I do feel for you dizziness is awful hope you get better soon

  • Thank you for your reply. I hope your feeling better after suffering severe dizzy spells. I will ask my doctor thank you

  • Hi thank you for replying I appreciate it. That must have been awefull suffering from severe dizziness for you. Hope you feel better now. I will ask my doctor thank you

  • Yes I get the same dizzy spells I have found it happened most after eating a main meal and I have been told milk is one cause all the best Gordon

  • Thank you for your reply. Will try that

  • I will try that thank you for replying I appreciate it

  • That sounds like vertigo.My sister-in-law had this and she went to an ENT doctor.She was tested for vertigo and she did have that. It seemed that something was misaligned in her cochlea It's amazing that the iner ear holds the balance in our body.They had her go through rehab and was put on medication-Meclizine, I think that's the name.She's doing very well now.

  • Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it. I have been tested for this but it came back clear. I just want the dizziness to go away. Hope your sister is doing ok

  • Thank you for your reply. Glad all is well. I was tested for vertigo and inner ear but doctors said this wasn't the case so I'm praying the dizzyness will stop and they find out what is causing it.

  • Hi Miss Patches, I also suffered a heart attack and was dizzy for 2 years and I did nothing as I suspected it was norm.

    When I did eventually informed my consultants, my medication was changed from Carvedilol to Bisopolol. And the dosage from Ramipril was reviewed. These medications can lower the blood pressure and I gradually felt a lot better and am now able to go about my day without feeling dizzy and light headed.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. I'm glad you feel a lot better now free from dizziness. The cardio doctors have reviewed my medication and are reducing the dosage of them to find out the result if this is purely down to medication only. All the best to you

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