I had my stent inserted on the 25th May, I started back on a phased return working 3 days a week, on the other 2 Days I attend cardiac rehab clinic. I went back to work after about 5 weeks of having it done. I still feel and get tired quite easily and discomfort and the odd pain from about the stent area. Is this normal or do I need to have it checked again or could it be down to a certain type of medication I'm on.


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  • By stent area you mean your heart as this is where the stent is I presume. If that's the case go and have it checked by the professionals. Doctor or cardiologist.

  • I had a double stent in January. It took about 10 weeks before the twinges disappeared. It is normal to have those twinges - after all there is a foreign object in your heart. I also noticed that any chest pain I have now comes from my bones as I tend to sleep in strange positions sometimes, or as a result of exercise during therapy.

  • Please go and see your cardiologist, the specialist who can offer proper medical advice.

    You may need a echo cardiogram to identify any issues or different medication, as we all are different in many ways, what works for one may not work for the other therefore cardiologist is the best person to answer your questions, write down all the questions you want to ask before hand and also write down the answers and you may be able to give an update from the answers.

  • You should talk to your cardiologist about all of this. Some of the meds you are taking can make you tired, my doc put me on lopressor to keep my heart from racing and i was tired till he took me off it. Things that are going on in your chest you will notice more cause you are more aware of it cause you have had a stent put in. I had my stent put in in march of 2014 and I quit smoking and caffeinated drinks the day I went into the hospital. The diet is callenging and it is hard to keep up the exercise cause my doc want my heart rate at 130 beats per minute for 30 minutes a day and My work has me coming home tired alot with it being summer in vegas,,, hot!!!!! Please do follow what your cardiologist tells you with the diet and the exercise and you will get to feeling better.

  • I will discuss things with the doctor and yes I probably do notice the pains more now that I am aware of it. Thank you and thanks to all the other replies I have had. It means a lot to know there's good people out there willing to share their experiences

  • What is your heart rate at the start of your 30 minute exercise and how long does it take for the hart rate to come down to this number?

    At the start of my tread mill ( speed 6 kmph and incline 10 %) exercise the heart rate is about 80 and I take it up to 126 during the 30 minutes at the tread mill. during cool down of 5 minutes it comes to 85, I check this every day! A sports doctor suggested this to me and also asked me not to over do it!!!

  • Hi, I go to the cardiac clinic twice a week. They take me through a warm up for about 10/15 mins,then we do a series of exercises about 10 and do them for a minutes on each one. If we stop for a drink of water you still have to keep your feet moving like a light March till you go on to your next task. They ask me how I'm feeling and then put it on a chart which is numbered and then enter the score onto the chart. It ranges from very light to light then harder to out of breath and so on. There's no mention of heart rate or anything like that. They do a review half way through the 8 week programme, but there's no treadmills or other fitness machines.

  • I do not track my how long it takes my heart rate to come down. I remember as a youth when I would run playing football or soccer and baseball my heart rate would come up and I could feel my heart beat in my chest I hadn't really felt that since I was 15 or 16 years old when I started driving. I lost track and am very out of shape so I am trying to do what my doctor says I should do. Now treadmills aren't the only way to get your heart rate up,,,, I shadow box and hit the heavy bag,,, there is so much you can do.

    I didn't have a heart attack,, I was just having trouble catching my breath and they found an artery that was 95% blocked so my heart is strong with no damage so like I said just listen to your doctor.

  • Thanks for your up date. No comments on recovery!

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