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Have finally, and very reluctantly agreed to start taking Clopidogrel and Statins. After several "funny turns" and CT scan and Doppler Scan on my neck showed that my right Carotid is rather furred up my lovely GP said that whilst it was my choice to take the tablets he couldn't guarantee my life expectancy if I didn't!!

Taken first Clopidogrel this morning as instructed, took first Statin last night. But about fifteen minutes after taking the Clopidogrel felt such a rush of weirdness in my legs and cam over all dizzy... why is this do you think? How exactly does it work? Have read the leaflet in the tablet packet and then wished I hadn't...dire warnings about bleeding to death etc.

So can someone who is taking these dratted things walk me through what i am to expect please....

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Please reads this article:


Ask him if he can guarantee you life expectancy if you don't!


Go back to your doctor now.

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Hi I can't help much only to say I had an allergic reaction to this drug :( x


I have been taking Clopidogel for almost 7 months now since having a right medullary stroke and have had no problems with it


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