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Qrisk queries, NICE guidelines and statins

All this box ticking just makes me cross and I wouldn't take any notice at all except that at 72 yrs I automatically get a high risk, making me over the limit for a statin. When I correctly enter my details, including my weight at 58 kilos, [BMI 19] I get a risk of 16.5% - way over NICE.s guideline of 10%.

Yet if I alter my weight [falsely] to 95 kilos the calculator says I am obese and have a BMI of 32 - yet my 'risk' drops.

If I then UNtick the box with 'on blood pressure treatment' I get a much lower 'risk'. I know I'm only at this stage playing with the details but how can I take it [and NICE] seriously when I get a better overall risk result with a BMI of 32 than my correct BMI of 19?

Either way NICE says I should take a statin - I was offered one 6 months ago and refused it. I've absolutely no other health issues and I asked my dr if she would take one - the answer was an emphatic 'NO' but she had to ask.

If ever there was a case of 'One size fits all box ticking exercise' then this is it.

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What has happened to this post?


There are three posts, when you click the left arrow! This one and the one I put yesterday did not show! The reason i checked was I thought my post was deleted because it was asking a question on allergy medication.


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