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loosing weight and bad cholesterol going up?

There is an explanation. Please read health section in the copy of the Mail toady.

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GPs explanation on bad cholesterol.

"For while my blood pressure was a tiny bit lower, at 130/80, my cholesterol had gone up to 4.3, and this increase was down to a rise in so-called 'bad' LDL cholesterol.

My GP explained that extreme diets essentially shock the body; and in its confused state subtle changes can happen - not all helpful - which might explain why my LDL was slightly up.

She said people's exact reactions will vary, and added that if I keep the weight off, she would expect an improvement in my readings."

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You are worried about BP being 130/80 and a cholesterol reading of 4.3? Most people would be over the moon with those readings!


Thanks for sharing bala. I am sure many people did not know that.


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